Colombia imposes ban on coal export to Zionist regime

Colombia imposes ban on coal export to Zionist regime
Date: 10.6.2024 12:00

The Zionist regime is facing more international isolation as Colombia has announced to halt coal exports, becoming the first Latin American country to impose a trade embargo over the Zionist regime’s ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip.

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According to El Pais newspaper, President Gustavo Petro announced the decision on Saturday which is beyond Colombia’s diplomatic measures taken against the Zionist regime over its massacre of Palestinians so far. 
"We are going to suspend coal exports to Israel until the genocide stops," Petro wrote on his X social media post on Saturday, adding that a draft decree has been prepared that makes it clear that coal exports would only resume if the regime complied with a recent ruling on Gaza by the International Court of Justice.
What implications it will have on the Zionist regime and its economy?
Colombia is the largest exporter of coal to the Zionist regime, with the regime consuming 90% of the coal imported from there and generates 61.5% of its electricity by burning coal.
According to official data cited by some news agency, Colombia supplied about $450 million worth of coal to the Zionist regime in 2023 but it has dropped enormously in the first four months of 2024.
Will the Zionist regime that is sinking in Gaza quagmire get out of this new crisis?
Media sources say that considering Colombia as the Zionist regime’s largest supplier of fossil fuels, this move could significantly affect trade relations between Bogota and Tel Aviv. 
This action, which is also supported by Colombia’s foreign, finance and energy ministers, will be implemented after it is signed by President Petro, who is currently in Europe to attend a conference on Ukraine.
Last month, Petro announced severing diplomatic relations with the Zionist regime. But the latest move is a big blow to the Zionist regime as it heavily relies on coal exports from the Latin American country.
Since the beginning of the Zionist regime’s genocidal war on Gaza on October 7, 2023, Petro repeatedly criticized the Zionist regime and called on other Latin American countries to join Colombia in condemning the Zionist regime.


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