Conclusion: Islamic Union

Conclusion: Islamic Union
Date: 18.9.2019 11:00

Center for Islamic Union Studies (ISBAM) published the final declaration. It is not a wish but a necessity!

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The 17-article final declaration of the Islamic Union Congress, which was organized by the Center for Islamic Union Studies (ISBAM) in Ankara with the theme of The Future of the Islamic World and Palestine, was attended by more than 60 politicians, intellectuals, scholars and academicians from 25 countries.
In the declaration that provides solutions to the crises of the Islamic world and the world, it was emphasized that the establishment of the Islamic Union was not a necessity, but a necessity. the hopes of freedom and human rights, not oppression and domination, should be established in the national sense both in the internal affairs of the Islamic countries and in the relations between the Islamic world and the West.
The declaration summarized the situation in the Islamic geography and listed the ways of solution. 
The declaration was given the following items:


1-Today, the Islamic world, on the one hand, it is clear that the desire of Muslim peoples to determine their own free will; on the other hand, it was driven by the fact that the sectarian differences experienced in history were driven into conflict; persecution, wars, conflicts, human rights violations, murders, terror and violence, economic troubles, poverty, ignorance, undergoes a difficult process. In particular, the grim events that took place in our geography show that both our brothers and sisters living in these countries and all Muslims have passed through a heavy sedition that is rarely seen in history. In this case, Muslim communities have an obligation to be prudent, prudent and vigilant against any focus of evil. It is a great misleading that terrorism and violence occurring in these geographies, which cradled Islamic civilization and all its thought structures throughout history, have been presented as a sectarian tension. It is our greatest wish that these events will end as soon as possible and that the Islamic geography will be transformed into a geography of science, civilization and brotherhood by avoiding being a geography of pain and sorrow.
2- The pain, tears, anguish, violence and conflicts that have been experienced in many towns of the Islamic geography, especially Baghdad, Damascus, San’a and Tripoli, which are the ancient centers of Islamic civilization, are deeply injuring all Muslims. These events show that the common values ​​of our civilization have been weakened in modern times and reveal that the Islamic world should take a joint effort in order for these values ​​to become vital again. Because these values ​​of civilization have guaranteed the fundamental rights of the communities they live with and have maintained their existence until today, regardless of their beliefs. Because according to the basic teachings of Islam all humanity. They are the children of Adam and have equal birth rights. People, color, gender, language, geography and so on. they shall not be subject to discrimination or discrimination. Humanity is divided into various tribes, languages ​​and colors. This is one of Allah's verses and is for meeting, solidarity and competing for good. Making these differences between people a justification for superiority and discrimination lacks a religious, moral and human basis.


3- All believers are brothers. No justification can justify Muslims' harm; no ethnic, political or sectarian reason can be justified. No political, religious, socio-cultural structure can engage in efforts to disrupt the Islamic brotherhood and the welfare of Muslims. As a matter of fact, Islamic identity is the highest belonging for all Muslims. This identity is above all kinds of political, social and sectarian identity. Denomination, etc. religious formation and belonging are secondary ones and cannot be prevented from Islamic identity. The values ​​based on justice, solidarity, independence, peace, freedom, friendship, wisdom, law and morality should be the highest reference values ​​of Muslims by avoiding the dominant understanding based on oppression, exploitation, occupation, war, oppression, interest, piracy, arms and power. No denomination, religious and religious formation can put its conviction in the place of absolute truth, declare different beliefs and thoughts as non-Islamic, cannot condemn the abolition of the rights of life. There is no basis for any such approach from the basic sources of Islam and it cannot be the subject of any discussion.
4-What is essential in Islam is the protection of the intellect, religion, life, property, generation, honor and dignity of all. Every individual who makes a declaration of Islam is a Muslim and no one has the right to cancel it. Likewise, no individual or entity can declare the people of the Qiblah as non-Islamic. There is no religious legitimacy of the understanding of rejecting Muslims. Throughout history, the common conscience of Muslims has never accepted this. The common sense and wisdom of Muslim societies will not allow such an understanding to be held in Islamic geography as it was in the past. Although the “tekfirist” tendencies that appear under different names in almost every region of the Islamic world are basically temel the conspiracy of the external outbreaks birlikte, the reasons and weaknesses of our own structure which make possible the execution of these conspiracies should be emphasized.
Effort must be taken unanimously to ensure peace and trust
5-In this geography where different languages, sects and religions have lived together since history, new tension areas are created and unrest is desired to be removed from the areas of tension through religion, language, thought and belief. By creating an environment suitable for extremism, violence and terror through religion and religious thoughts, the living spaces of Muslim societies are destroyed and their belief values ​​and security are damaged. The task of the entire human society, especially Muslims, is to take the necessary measures to eliminate the environments that produce hatred and violence, and to work unanimously to ensure peace and trust.


6-No one may denounce or denounce another group, sect or religious manifestation. The values ​​and personalities referenced by Islamic elders, especially Sahaba-i Güzin and Ahl al-Bayt, and different religious interpretations cannot be saved. “It is unacceptable that Muslims are tossed into sectarian, religious, sectarian and sectarian bias bugün evrensel The universal messages of the Holy Quran must serve in the direction of righteousness, truth, justice and virtue in the direction of our Prophet (pbuh). Today, it is seen that there are incomplete trainings on knowledge, education and morality on the basis of all conflicting insights and structures. Steps must be taken to educate generations who understand Islam's traditional values ​​and present-day realities well, understand and interpret Islam as a whole. All educational systems, particularly those providing religious higher education, should be reviewed. It should be ensured that the generations that assimilate the view of the doctrine, the doctrine of the doctrine in the wilderness and the messages of mercy and wisdom of Islam, not discriminatory, marginalizing and exclusive.
7- The climate of conflict and turmoil that started in North Africa with the discourse of Arab Spring, spreading to the Middle East and African continent has become an international tragedy especially with the Syrian crisis. In this process, traditional religious/historical structures, scientific and cultural heritage have been destroyed, looted, mass migration has been caused and great fear and hopelessness have been created in people. Our world has once again been brought to the brink of an international war on a global scale. In order not to turn the Syrian crisis into a greater catastrophe, it is our greatest wish that international institutions and organizations, religious institutions, intellectuals, people of science and art should take the initiative, stop the blood flow as soon as possible, and strive for the establishment of an atmosphere of peace and security again. Before time, mankind must re-blow the resurrecting breath that gives life to peace with all its power.
8-Today mainly in Syria, including human refugees who disconnect from countries experiencing the tragedy, both those who took refuge in Turkey struggling to move to other continents through and Turkey, soon became a global issue that tests the conscience of humanity. The pathetic deaths of the Syrians who left their homes and homes for asylum, the corpses of children collected from the coasts continue to bleed the conscience of all humanity. In particular, the attitude of international organizations towards refugees is not promising. It is also clear that there is not enough effort to resolve the problem permanently.
9-The Palestinian problem, the bleeding wound of Muslims all over the world for more than half a century, has reached a dangerous dimension with the ugly attacks on Jerusalem and Masjid al-Aqsa recently; the region has once again become a spiral of fire. The interventions and invasions against the first Qiblah of Islam, Masjid al-Aqsa, the restriction of the freedom of Muslims to worship in this temple, the temporal and spatial division plans of the masjid, both disregarding the fundamental freedom of man, religion and conscience, and the common gains of humanity. it is a clear violation of the sanctity of the temple. The attacks on the Masjid al-Aqsa are aimed at all Muslims in the world. No Muslim in the world will and will never accept the attempted rape of the Masjid al-Aqsa. Masjid al-Aqsa is the holy and common value of all Muslims just like the Haram and the Masjid al-Nabawi. In no way can Jerusalem be considered separate from the Muslim existence. The Masjid al-Aqsa cannot be removed from the status of being a temple of Muslims and the religious and spiritual status of the Harem region throughout history.
10- One of the biggest odds in the history of the world is the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Zionism by Trump's signature. The subsequent US embassy in Jerusalem and the release of the Golan Heights to Israel have made the Palestinian cause a matter of life and death for Muslims. Just yesterday, Netenyahu's annexation of the West Bank as a promise of election means nothing more than playing with fire and widening the chaos. At the same time, this is remarkable in that the negotiations under the name of the ant treaty of the century show what a great betrayal is and the first step.
11- The fact that someone is openly negotiating on Palestinian territories on various platforms and without even the need to hide shows that the Palestinian cause, which is of vital importance for all Muslims, has entered the most dangerous stage of its history. The plan, recently announced with the label of the “treaty of the century, is remarkable in that it shows the stage of these negotiations. This document of betrayal being worked on is nothing but the withdrawal of the ummah's wealth to the global-imperial powers with the promise of peace and prosperity. It is impossible for any Muslim individual and state to consent or remain silent to this betrayal, which is a bribe of welfare, and in return wants to realize its centuries-old occupation ambitions about Palestine and Jerusalem.
12- This betrayal, which is called the ası covenant of the century aslında, is actually as ugly as the history of humanity has ever witnessed before. This dirty plan is to ridicule the mind of mankind and especially Muslims.
13- In this context, the fact that some friendly and brother Arab countries were instrumental in this game caused a great disappointment and sorrow among the members of the ummah. For this reason, the meeting held in Bahrain was followed with great concern throughout the Islamic world.
14-Regardless of its position, no individual, institution or country may negotiate even a part of the Palestinian territory with the occupiers. Those who claim that the Zionists have the right to these lands will be condemned in the mashar-i conscience and in the face of history. The legitimacy of any treaty with the tyrants invading these blessed lands cannot be the case.
The steps taken by the Indian Government in Jammu Kashmir, the human rights violations and attacks they have caused since 15-5 August 2019 can never be accepted. The Indian government should give up these attacks as soon as possible. The international community and institutions should ensure that restrictions such as curfew in Jammu Kashmir are lifted and that Kashmir uses its right to self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions as soon as possible.
16- One of the wars that took place in humanity is continuing in Yemen. In Yemen, the bloodshed should be stopped and diplomatic solutions should be discussed. For this, foreign states should withdraw from Yemen. In terms of the basic principle, the territorial integrity of Yemen should be preserved and any disintegration and division should not be allowed. Therefore, the issues of Yemen should be resolved in their respective councils, taking into account the social expectations.
17- The establishment of the Islamic Union in the event of the crisis of the world of Islam and the world today is not a wish but a necessity. In this way, for the happiness of all humanity:
Not war, but peace.
Not conflict, but dialogue.
Not double standard, but justice.
Not superiority, but equality.
Not exploitation, but cooperation.
Not oppression and domination, but freedom and human rights.
Their hopes should be established both in the internal affairs of Islamic countries and in the relations between the Islamic world and the West.


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