Confederation of Public Workers Union: "Offer should be revised"

Confederation of Public Workers Union: "Offer should be revised"
Date: 15.8.2023 15:00

During the 7th Term Collective Agreement Meetings hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the government's proposal came to the table. Minister Vedat Işıkhan made a statement after the meeting; He offered the civil servant a 40% raise in total between 2024 and 2025.

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After the second meeting held to discuss the raise rate in the 7th Term Collective Agreement Negotiations, which are closely related to millions of civil servants and retired civil servants, the Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan announced the government's first raise proposal.


A critical stage has passed in the negotiations, which are closely related to public officials and millions of retired civil servants. At the meeting held at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Minister Vedat Işıkhan shared the government's proposal for a two-year raise with the public.
Işıkhan, who was in front of the cameras, stated that they tried not to oppress public officials in the face of inflation and offered a 14 percent raise for the first 6 months of 2024 and 9 percent for the second six months.
He reported that it is 6 percent for the first six months of 2025 and 5 percent for the second six months.
"Considering the inflation in January 2024, an increase of 42 percent is predicted. The cumulative increase in the second half of 2024 will be over 54 percent. It is our hope that the stakeholders will also sign in consensus," Minister Işıkhan said.


Ali Yalçın, Chairman of the authorized union "Memur-Sen", who reacted to the proposal announced by the government, stated that there was no sentence regarding rent, holiday bonus and social rights.
"These numbers mean that the expectation cannot be read. There is a process for the second proposal on the 17th of next month, and then the final proposal. This proposal needs to be revised and updated. There was no mention of the welfare share. We submitted quarterly offers. In particular, we presented quarterly offers in 2024 because the purchasing power of public officials is not lost in an inflationary environment. We underlined that this is extremely important so that the wages they receive do not melt in the face of inflation. The offer came in six months on both. We think this should be revised. Public officials regarding rents are having serious difficulties with the extent that exceeds the limits of mercy. That's why we were waiting for the proposal about rents to come to the table. We expressed that the retired civil servants did not survive, they had great difficulties with these figures, and the problem caused by the low salaries due to the fact that the 8 thousand 77 lira improvement was not reflected on the retirees. We were waiting for a concrete proposal regarding this. Because 21 days have passed. From the holiday bonus to social rights, sentences could be made in this sense. A sentence has not yet been formed," Yalçın said.


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