Congress rush in political parties in Türkiye

Congress rush in political parties in Türkiye
Date: 13.6.2023 13:30

After the elections, political parties started to deal with the congress processes.

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While the ruling AK Party is expected to announce the congress calendar in the coming days in the People's Alliance, MHP will go to the congress next year after the local elections.
While October and November are planned for the congress date for the CHP, the IYI Party will hold its congress on 24-25 June.
Gelecek and DEVA parties, on the other hand, have to hold their congresses before the end of the year.
With the completion of the presidential and parliamentary elections, many parties are preparing to go to the congress.
While the AK Party, one of the People's Alliance parties, is expected to start the congress work in the coming days, it is said that the MHP will postpone its congress until after the local elections.
Congress activities have started for the parties in the Nation Alliance.


AK Party staff members began their work on the congress within the party. President Erdogan is expected to announce his party's congress calendar in the coming days.
While partial changes are expected in the provincial organizations of the AK Party, the big congress is planned to be held in November and December.
The congress in the MHP will be held after the local elections.
As the congress date approaches at BBP, studies on the congress calendar continue.


In the CHP, whose preparations for the congress began, Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu went through a major change in the party's central executive board.
The CHP convention process, which started on June 6, is expected to be completed on October 15.
It is spoken in the CHP that the Party Assembly will determine the date of the 38th Congress in late October or November.
The excitement of the congress continues in the IYI Party.
Announcing that it will hold a congress on 24-25 June, the IYI Party will hold its 3rd Ordinary Congress.
Partial change is expected at the IYI Party Congress.
In addition, the Gelecek Party and the DEVA Party must hold their congresses before the end of the year.


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