Conquering youth for new conquests

Conquering youth for new conquests
Date: 16.6.2019 11:00

Istanbul's Conquest and Youth Festival, organized by AGD every year, was celebrated with enthusiasm. Tens of thousands flocked to the Istanbul's Esenler district of Turkey.

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Tens of thousands who flocked to the Esenler stadium filled the whole field. Felicity (Saadet) Party High Advisory Chairman Oğuzhan Asiltürk and Felicity Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu also participated in the program, the National Vision Movement, the pupil of the young people were praised.
Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, the Felicity Party President Temel Karamollaoğlu was frequently interrupted with slogans.
Yunus Genc, ​​the head of the Anatolian Youth Association Istanbul Branch, said, "Nice conquerors will grow under the roof of the AGD and will be beneficial to this country and all humanity with the permission of Allah. I would like to thank you very much for being together with us in our Festival of Conquest and Youth. I hope that after this, in the honor of hosting Istanbul as our host, my Lord will take care of us."
The President of the Felicity Party of Istanbul, Abdullah Sevim, who started his speech by reading the hadith that had heralded the conquest of Istanbul; "I remember the mercy of Fatih Sultan Mehmet and the hero soldiers of the conquest," he said.
Sevim, "National Vision Leader Necmettin Erbakan, the National Youth Foundation's late president Adnan Demirtürk and the brother of the National Youth Ali Soylu's remembrance here. Whatever the spirit that conquered Istanbul is the National Vision. As National Negotiators, we stand up for new conquests. The determination to our determination, the excitement that adds to our generation of conquest, our youth in Anatolia, we can no longer be able to sit up after we stand up to do what we need to sit. No matter what obstacles they come in front of us, they will never block this movement. Looking at your noble stance, I once again declare that this youth is the one who will build a new world and is here for another thousand years, by Allah's leave."
Stating that the great excitement in the stadium was the excitement and loyalty of the Anatolian Youth to the National Vision, AGD-MGV President Salih Turhan said: "Thousands of our young people visited Abo Ayob al-Ansari, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan and our late Erbakan. They reaffirmed their excitement in their spiritual presence. Even under the most difficult conditions, leaving the direction of the biggest victory of the National Vision Youth President Salih Turhan said: "Aksemseddin, the commander of the Islamic army Fatih told what, today, young people in Anatolia told him," he said.


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