Coups hurt the working people the most after democracy

Coups hurt the working people the most after democracy
Date: 13.9.2021 13:00

41 years have passed since the September 12, 1980 coup... Despite 41 years since the coup, its effects are still remembered.

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The coup of September 12, 1980, which was carried out under the chairmanship of General Kenan Evren, the Chief of General Staff of the time, and which is known as a black mark in the history of democracy, cannot be erased from the memories despite the 41 years that have passed.
Stating that the coups in Turkey harmed the working people the most after the democracy, and the economic depressions that occurred after the coup, the bread of the working people shrank as much as their freedom, "Öz Sağlık-İş" healt union Chairman Devlet Sert said, "The military coup of 12 September also shrunk our democracy, freedoms, vaccines and bread, and caused great harm to the working people," he said.
Öz Sağlık-İş Chairman Devlet Sert, who issued a statement on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the 1980 coup, drew attention to the fact that the coups in the history of Turkey harmed the working people the most.
"The fact that our country's history of democracy is commemorated with so many coups, revolutions and attempts by the anti-democratic regime has interrupted our democracy as well as working life, labor struggle and struggle for bread. After the military coup of September 12, NGOs were closed and all components of working life were damaged in some way. These anti-democratic conditions, the effects of which have lasted for years, have restricted and diminished the bread of the working class just as much as our democracy and our freedoms," Sert said.


Stating that besides Turkey's history of democracy, the attitudes of individuals and institutions against coups increase the belief in democracy, "As always, in its 41st year, we strongly reject and condemn the military coup of September 12, which passed over our country's democracy with the sounds of tanks, pallets and boots, and strongly emphasize our commitment to democracy once again," Sert added.


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