D-8 is the most important agreement signed by Turkey

D-8 is the most important agreement signed by Turkey
Date: 11.1.2021 12:00

The Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate organized an online program on "Regional Foreign Policy Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Caucasus Context".

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The conference on "Regional Foreign Political Developments in the Context of the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Caucasus" organized by the Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate attracted great attention. 
A large number of citizens attended the program, which was broadcast live on Zoom and YouTube, as well as the Saadet Party and National Vision organizations. Participating in the program as a speaker Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Mustafa Kaya, made evaluations on many issues concerning Turkey's foreign policy, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Karabakh issue, from the Syrian crisis to the East Turkestan struggle.


Mustafa Kaya, who started his speech by evaluating the developments in Syria, "Turkey organized 3 operations in Syria with the names of Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Peace Spring. In these operations, the terror corridor of PKK and YPG terrorist organizations has been cut significantly. The forces identified by the West as the Syrian Democratic Forces are the PKK-YPG terrorist organization. Similarly, there are terrorist organizations in Idlib. America wants to maintain instability in Syria by using these organizations. Turkey should work together with the countries of the region, not with the USA and Russia, for a lasting peace in Syria," he said.


Mustafa Kaya describing developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, "Mediterranean country has the longest border with Turkey. The balance of power in the Mediterranean in order to protect the duel was done maritime jurisdiction agreement between Libya and Turkey. This agreement has strengthened the hand we can say in Turkey's eastern Mediterranean, would be unrealistic to say we solved all the problems yet the regional sense. Greece's unacceptable compression efforts and the efforts of Turkey to usurp the corner for Turkey's legitimate rights," he added.


Analyzing the last presidential elections in the United States of America (USA), Kaya said, "The capitalist logic among globalists and nationalists in America is the same. Both are based on colonial and brute force. During Trump's time, many things were done in the Middle East that made the Zionists' dream come true. Among these are the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Contract of the Century, the giant arms deal with Saudi Arabia and finally the normalization agreements for the Islamic countries with Israel. Turkey is both an eastern country and a western country in terms of geography. Turkey should never take a side in the power balance of Russia, the USA and China. The geopolitical structure of Turkey requires creating its own independent foreign policy."
Significant agreements were signed in order to establish good relations with neighboring countries
Recalling the importance of D-8 Islamic Union which is found by National Vision Leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, Kaya said, "In the history of Turkey, important agreements such as the Sadabat Pact and the Balkan Entente were signed in order to establish good relations with neighboring countries. Even more extensive and comprehensive of these is D-8. The D-8 Project established by Erbakan is the most important agreement signed by Turkey on a global scale, affecting all countries of the world. Turkey should calculate what it is doing and bring together these 8 countries, which have their signature in D-8, and reactivate this distinguished institution."


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