Damla awaits support for medicines worth 116,000 Euros

Damla awaits support for medicines worth 116,000 Euros
Date: 22.3.2023 13:00

Thousands of patients waiting for expensive drugs of foreign origin in the treatment of some diseases such as SMA, cystic fibrosis and cancer hope to find healing with the aid campaigns launched.

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Damla Badur, who is one of the patients whose treatment was interrupted because she could not reach the drug, is waiting for drugs worth 116,000 euros.
The Badur family, who spoke to our newspaper about the aid campaign launched for the young woman who was diagnosed with pancreatic cystic neoplasia and has been struggling for 2 years, is waiting for the support of philanthropists.
The number of patients who cannot access the drug due to its costs is increasing in Turkey.
Expensive drugs used in the treatment of some diseases such as SMA, cystic fibrosis and cancer cannot be covered by the state.
Damla Badur, who is waiting for her medicine to find healing, is also fighting against time.
For the young woman diagnosed with pancreatic cystic neoplasia, an aid campaign initiated by her family is trying to collect the money for 116 thousand Euros of drug treatment.
The aid campaign launched for Damla Badur, who had 3 surgeries before and is now waiting for medication, has reached 28 percent of the required amount.
The Badur family, speaking to Milli Gazete about the launched campaign, is waiting for the support of philanthropists.


Speaking about the aid campaign launched for the treatment of his bride, Emin Badur stated that medicines are of vital importance.
"The aid campaign we started for Damla is very important. Right now Damla has aches and pains. According to the statements of her doctors, the drug Welireg is necessary for treatment. We need to provide my daughter with the necessary medicine as soon as possible. My son is constantly supporting his wife in this process, he does not leave her alone, but the drugs must be provided immediately. That's why we started a charity campaign. Medicines are very expensive, far beyond our financial means. So far, many people have sincerely supported us. Thanks to the help of the benefactors, I hope we will collect the money for the medicines," he said.


Reminding that the young woman has been struggling with the disease for 2 years, Emin Badur said, "My bride has had 3 surgeries. We have been in a great struggle since the day it was diagnosed. In order to obtain the necessary Welireg medicine for treatment, we obtained permission from the Governorship of Sakarya and started this campaign. Unfortunately, the drug is not available in Turkey. Thanks to the supporters of the campaign, we offset 28 percent of the money for the drug. With the support of philanthropists, I believe we will collect as much money as needed in a short time. With the coming of Ramadan, donations will be blessed with the permission of God. We are hopeful as a family, thanks to God's help and the support of benefactors, my daughter Damla will be cured."


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