Daytime patrol, midnight military shipment

Daytime patrol, midnight military shipment
Date: 10.9.2019 14:00

Yesterday morning, the United States patrolled in Syria with the Turkish troops, supplied to the terrorist organization YPG/PKK in Syria with about 55 trucks, four-wheel drive vehicles and construction machinery from Iraq.

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In the evening the previous day, the US shipped about 55 truckloads from the Syrian-Iraqi border at the Simelka gate.
The trucks that went to the YPG/PKK occupied areas of Ayn-Issa and Sheddadi had closed safes, four-wheel drive vehicles and construction machines. 
On September 4, the US introduced 60 trucks with large vehicles, construction equipment, fuel tankers and generators.
YPG/PKK continues to dig tunnel
While US aids, the YPG/PKK digging tunnels on the border with Turkey and continues its activities making positions.
It was learned that the study took place in Suluk, 20 kilometers from Tal-Abyad, located in Syrian territory opposite the Akçakale district of Şanlıurfa. 
State-run agency AA announced on September 5 that the organization was already digging tunnels in Ayn-alarab, Tal Abyad and Sirrin.


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