Delaying for two years with promises

Delaying for two years with promises
Date: 24.11.2020 15:00

"Occupational Law" calls were made to Ministry of Education (MEB) and the Turkish Grand National Assembly on November 24, Teachers' Day.

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Ali Yalçın, Chairman of labour union Memur-Sen and education union Eğitim-Bir-Sen, made a statement on the occasion of Teachers' Day and made a call regarding the teaching profession law. 
Yalçın said, “Our education employees do not wait for the memorial days that are passed over with words of praise once a year. The biggest good news that can be given to our teachers on November 24 is to bring the "Teaching Profession Law" to the agenda of the TGNA, which will protect and develop their rights, improve their working conditions, and prevent the violence they suffer."


Yalçın stated that although it has been two years since the intention and determination at the point of the enactment of the professional law was declared to the public, a clear, clear and definite content has not been shared with the public until today. Yalçın emphasized that the work carried out by the Ministry of National Education, the draft prepared, a foreseen design must be handled and matured in cooperation with stakeholders, especially the authorized union.
Speaking at the press conference held at the Confederation Headquarters in order to draw attention to the problems of education employees and to express the demands of teachers for professional law on the occasion of Teachers' Day, Memur-Sen and Education-Bir-Sen President Ali Yalçın called for the enactment of a professional law to solve the problems. Noting that teaching should not be postponed any longer from the education-training services class defined in the public system, Yalçın said, "While there are 1 million 200 thousand teachers working in official and private education institutions in our country, the teaching profession as a whole, from the training of the teacher to his retirement. the absence of a Teaching Profession Law that addresses; legally vacuum, professionally deprivation" he said.


First of all, Yalçın stated that the existence of a broad social consensus on the need for a legal regulation that will cover all teachers and address all dimensions of the teaching profession should be accepted by everyone without making any discrimination of official or private education institution, and said, "We, and we want it to be improved. We believe that a regulation that does not eliminate unfair and problematic practices such as contracted and paid teaching will not qualify as a professional law".


Emphasizing once again that the lack of teachers during the epidemic process is one of the main pillars of the social structure, Ali Yalçın emphasized: "The obligatory abandonment of known and usual methods in educational activities due to the epidemic, if our teachers did not have their sacrifices, perseverance and efforts. Today, we can clearly see that this difficult process will cause irreversible damages, especially learning losses. Our education staff do not wait for the memorial days, which are covered with praise once a year. The biggest good news that can be given to our teachers on November 24 is to bring the Teaching Profession Law to the agenda of the Parliament with a content that will protect and develop their rights, improve their working conditions, prevent the violence they suffer, find solutions to their problems and carry the reputation of their profession to the place they deserve."


Confederation President Yalçın addressed the power at the end of his speech. Yalçın expresses once again that, as Eğitim-Bir-Sen, we will contribute and support the Teaching Profession Law to be issued on the basis of these issues; "we call on the political will, the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Ministry to take a step in this matter".


In his written statement, Hak-İş General President Mahmut Arslan pointed out that it will be possible for the society to advance in every field, to sail to new horizons, to raise competent, self-confident individuals who will set an example for new generations with a qualified education. Arslan underlined that the way to reach the best levels in many fields such as industry, technology, science, literature and working life and to raise the level of welfare to higher levels is through a good education.


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