Deprived and poor!

Deprived and poor!
Date: 19.9.2019 12:00

Half of the country's income goes to the coffers of 20 percent, while the poverty rate is based on 13 percent.

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According to TurkStat's Income and Living Conditions Survey, the share of the group with the highest income from total income rose to 47.6 percent. 
The income of the richest 20 percent, the ratio of the poorest 20 percent of the income rose from 7.5 to 7.8. 
While 12.7 percent of the population suffered from permanent poverty, the proportion of those suffering from serious material deprivation 26 was 26.5 percent.
Turkey Statistical Institute (TÜİK), announced survey results for the year 2018 Income and Living Conditions. 
Accordingly, the average annual equivalent available individual income households increased by 12.2 percent over the previous year by 21,577 liras to 24,199 liras in Turkey. While the share of the 20 percent group with the highest equivalent household disposable income from total income increased by 0.2 points to 47.6 percent compared to the previous year, the share of the 20 percent group with the lowest income decreased by 0.2 points. dropped to 6.1 percent. 
The ratio of the income of the richest 20 percent of the society to the income of the poorest 20 percent rose from 7.5 to 7.8. The highest share of total equivalent household incomes available to individual received 48.5 percent salary and wage incomes, decreasing by 0.4 points compared to the previous year. The second place was followed by social transfer revenues, which increased by 0.4 points compared to the previous year with 20.1 percent, followed by entrepreneur revenues which decreased by 0.8 points compared to 2017 with 18.8 percent.
According to 60 percent of equivalent household disposable individual median income, the “permanent poverty” rate, which is calculated using 4-year panel data, covers individuals who are poor in the last year and who are also identified to be poor in at least 2 of the previous 3 years. It was recorded as 14, 12.7 percent last year.
While 59 percent of the population lives in a residence of their own, 39.6 percent have the problem of heating due to isolation, 36.2 percent have leaking roof, damp walls, rotten window frame and 24.8 percent air pollution, environmental pollution or other environmental problems caused by traffic or industry.


Of the population, 70.4 percent of the housing purchase and housing costs, except installment payments or debts, 58.3 percent away from home can not cover the cost of a week holiday and 11.5 percent said that housing costs bring a lot of burden to households.
Defined as the proportion of the population facing financial difficulties and unexpected expenses, a week away from home, difficulty in payment, meals every two days, meat, chicken, fish, heating needs of the house, washing machine, color television, telephone, car ownership “serious material deprivation”, which represents the situation of those who cannot meet at least 4 of the articles, was determined as 26.5 percent last year. This rate was 28.7 percent in 2017.


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