Digital hostility to our history

Digital hostility to our history
Date: 3.10.2022 09:00

In the application, Turkey's victory in Cyprus is called ‘occupation’, and the defense of the homeland against Armenians in Eastern Anatolia is called ‘genocide’.

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In the application, Turkey's Cyprus Victory is described as ‘occupation’ and the defense of the homeland against Armenians in Eastern Anatolia as ‘genocide’. The fact that Jet Punk is open to the service of millions of users in Turkey has also brought reactions. 
The imperialists, who want to corrupt the youth and children in Turkey, are now distorting our historical values under the name of quiz. On the ‘Jet Punk’ website, prepared by an informatics group calling themselves ‘H Brothers’, almost subliminal messages are given over the quiz. The questions asked in the ‘Jet Punk’ quiz show, which was established in 2008 and has become widespread among young people in Turkey in recent years, are the kind that will raise generations hostile to its history. The Jet Punk quiz contest, which calls the ‘Peace Operation’ held in Cyprus as ‘occupation’, the struggle against Armenians in Eastern Anatolia for the defense of homeland and honor as ‘genocide’, has reached over 500 million visitors all over the world so far. The silence of the authorities to Jet Punk, which broadcasts with content contrary to our historical values, did not escape from attention. 


Claiming that they are making so-called fun and useful sites around the world via Michigan and Washington, H Brothers continues to work for the corruption of young people in the virtual environment for a long time. H Brothers is trying to distort Turkey's glorious history with inaccurate and incomplete information on its website called Jet Punk. In the history category of the site, which asks short questions in many categories, for the Cyprus Peace Operation, ‘Which island country did Turkey occupy in 1974?’ statements are included. One of the questions that garnered great reactions is about the defense of homeland and honor against the Armenians in Eastern Anatolia. Regarding the ‘so-called’ Armenian genocide, which Turkey has been fighting between nations for years, ‘What is the nation that fell victim to the genocide between 1915-17?’ question is included. 


With international internet platforms, H Brothers, the founder of many sites such as Jet Punk, which receives high visitor numbers around the world, insists on continuing its efforts. Jet Punk, which spreads scandalous information with the questions it asks in many categories such as Turkey's cities and Turkey History, is still open to millions of internet users. The imperial-minded H Brothers Group, which still cannot digest the glorious Cyprus Victory that Turkey won in 1974, is making propaganda of the so-called Armenian genocide to the children of the country. 
It has also been revealed that over 500 million users have participated in the quiz show held on the site since 2008. It was noteworthy that Jet Punk, which has 1 million daily visitors, is still open to millions of users and that the interested parties remain silent on the subject.


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