Dismissals from work should be banned

Dismissals from work should be banned
Date: 1.4.2020 14:00

The markets, which are already struggling with economic difficulties and in cash congestion, have been hardly hit by the coronavirus blow.

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The workers' confederation Türk-İş, Hak-İş and DİSK have issued a joint statement on the measures to be taken in the work life against the coronavirus outbreak.
The Confederations called on the government to ban layoffs and to cease all jobs for at least 15 days, except for the production of mandatory goods and services, within the scope of the measures to be taken. In the declaration stated that the measures to be taken in working life are necessary both to prevent the spread of the epidemic and to protect the health and work of workers and all employees, "As regards the prevention of the epidemic, we consider the precautions that political decision-makers take and will take both for social life and occupational health and safety, covering the production processes in the workplaces." the statement said.
In the published paper, the measures to be taken in working life are listed as follows:
"During the Covid-19 outbreak, layoffs should be prohibited. In order to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak from causing a new wave of unemployment, and to ensure the continuity of income for the job and the worker, the opportunity to terminate the employment contract of the employer should be suspended during the fight against Covid-19. In the scope of the fight against Covid-19, excluding compulsory and urgent production of goods and services, for at least 15 days, it is important for stopping all jobs, protecting workers and preventing the spread of the epidemic."


"Unemployment Insurance Fund resources should be put into use quickly against loss of income caused by layoffs and stopping jobs, and the conditions required for the worker should be removed in order to benefit from unemployment benefits and short-time working allowance. Employers, the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the state should receive income support for all workers who have lost their jobs and income due to the global epidemic. In order to monitor the layoffs, a monitoring and supervision mechanism should be established at the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, in line with the Tripartite Advisory Board composition."


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