Does not continuing to trade with murderers mean not preventing massacres? Logistic support to Israel!

Does not continuing to trade with murderers mean not preventing massacres? Logistic support to Israel!
Date: 15.11.2023 15:00

While Israel's massacres in Gaza have continued uninterruptedly for almost 40 days, the fact that the world public opinion and the Islamic world have not taken any concrete steps other than condemning them makes the killer even more reckless.

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The political power, which took no political or diplomatic steps, did not even suspend economic relations with the terror state Israel.
It was revealed that in a 36-day period, 253 ships carried many goods to the Zionists, from oil to food, from iron and steel to cement!
What more is waiting to cut off the killer's logistical support?


Information revealed by journalist Metin Cihan on social media revealed that trade with the murderer Israel continues "uninterrupted".
According to the data recorded in "marinetraffic", which includes ship traffic around the world, a total of 253 ships went from Turkey to Israel in the 36 days from October 7, when the Gaza attack started, to November 13, and this corresponds to 7 ships per day.
Among the items transported to Israel, the most important items were oil, fuel, food and steel.
In the face of this situation, which was on the agenda on social media, many citizens reacted to this situation with the hashtag "Stop shipments to Israel".


While Türkiye's exports to Israel are at the level of 6 billion dollars, the largest item is steel exports.
According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), last year, iron and steel sales of 1 billion 192 million dollars were made to Israel, followed by motor vehicles with 563 million dollars and plastics and products with 512 million dollars.
According to TİM data, Türkiye ranks third, along with Germany, after China and the USA in sales of goods to Israel.
There are also collaborations between Türkiye and Israel in energy fields such as pipelines and oil lines.


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