Drugs flowing from waste pipes

Drugs flowing from waste pipes
Date: 30.3.2021 16:00

Recently, after the images of a young drug user fell on social media, drug use was again on the agenda of Turkey.

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"Wastewater Analysis" conducted jointly by KİHBİ and Green Crescent within the Ministry of Interior about Istanbul revealed that drugs flowed from the waste water pipes of Istanbul. Drugs literally flowed from Istanbul's waste water pipes. In the wastewater analysis of Istanbul, which was divided into 14 regions within the scope of the project, it was seen that many types of drugs, from heroin to cannabis, from amphetamine to cocaine, were used in high amounts.
The drug malady, which is constantly on the agenda with the news published by Milli Gazete, continues to attract especially young people.
In our country where 2 million people are addicted to drugs, there are also 5 million users. Finally, the research carried out in Istanbul revealed the dimensions of the danger.
“Waste Water Analysis” is one of the methods used in determining the drug use data of societies around the world.
Based on the detection of drug symptoms in the urine of a drug user for 3 days, the data on the subject can be addressed with the method applied.
Experts note that with this method, the amount of drug use and the frequency of use can be determined.


With the study carried out specifically in Istanbul for the detection of narcotic substances in wastewater, remarkable data were obtained. In the said study, Istanbul was divided into 14 parts and data on drug use were calculated through the wastewater samples in these areas.
Scary figures emerged in the "Wastewater Analysis" project jointly carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Department of Smuggling, Intelligence, Operations and Information Gathering (KİHBİ) and the Green Crescent.
Within the scope of the project, whose coordinator was Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences Faculty Member Dr. Selda Mercan, drugs were searched in wastewater analyzes taken from the districts of Istanbul. It was observed that many types of drugs, from heroin to cannabis, from amphetamine to cocaine, were used in high amounts in Istanbul, which was studied in 14 regions.


Another striking point that emerged in the study was that Istanbul surpassed many European cities in drug use. In the study on cosmopolitan cities, it was seen that Istanbul ranks high in drug use. According to the data revealed, Istanbul surpassed cities such as Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm in cocaine use and Barcelona in heroin use. Drug use was observed to be very high in Istanbul, which was examined in 14 regions, especially in Avcılar, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü and Büyükçekmece districts.


There are no cities in France where no drugs are used and sold. In every corner of 81 provinces, it is possible to reach young people in the swamp of drugs and poison dealers who sell drugs. In our country, where approximately 2 million people are dependent, there are approximately 5 million users. Our country, where 60 percent of the murders, 40 percent of the attacks and 33 percent of the rapes are carried out by people who use alcohol and drugs, is a bridge in the drug trade, where many drugs and stimulants have been produced continuously in the last 20 years. Turkey was the second country with the most heroin seizures in 2019.


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