Economic crisis in Turkey! 200 lira worth 100 lira

Economic crisis in Turkey! 200 lira worth 100 lira
Date: 15.9.2021 15:00

The fire in the kitchen of the citizen, who is confused about what to do in the face of the hikes in electricity, water, natural gas and hundreds of products with basic usage rights, is growing day by day.

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The biggest banknote of our country has melted by half… Products worth 100 TL have risen to 200 TL! The hikes in food prices, which have been on the rise since the first month of 2020, cannot be prevented. In the face of this devastating picture, the money in the pocket of the low-income citizen is getting thinner day by day.


Milli Gazete examined the price increases in chain markets in the last year. When we compare this year's label prices with last year's list prices, it is seen that there have been huge increases in products in dozens of different items such as oil, eggs and dairy products.
5 liters of sunflower oil sold for 39.90 TL in September 2020, this year 68.50 TL, 1 kilogram of olives sold for 12 TL this year is 19.90 TL, this time last year it was 3.25 TL. 1 kilogram of milk is sold for 4.75 TL this year, and 500 grams of cheddar cheese, which was sold for 19 TL last year, is sold for 24.90 TL with September 2021 prices. The price hikes that bring fire to the pockets of the citizens are evident on the market shelves in many categories such as meat products, cleaning and hygiene products, legumes and nuts.


The citizen, who could barely fill a bag with 200 liras in his pocket when he entered a market last year, can only fill half of the bag with the same money this year. Compared to these times last year, it is seen that the prices of the most basic food products such as oil, sugar, flour, milk and eggs have increased between 30 and 100 percent in the last year.
Unavoidable hikes in food, electronics, textiles, furniture, stationery, cosmetics, cleaning products and many other sectors continue to bend the back of the citizens. While the high hikes that started in 2020 continue in 2021, the money in the pocket of the citizen is melting day by day with the depreciation of the Turkish Lira. The grievances of the citizens, who are amazed by the price hikes in the label prices that change every day, are getting bigger day by day.


When August of 2021 is compared with August of last year, 28.4 percent in bread, flour, bulgur and pasta prices, 22.7 percent in meat-fish prices, 35.7 percent in milk and dairy products and egg prices, 56.9 percent in oil prices. Fruit prices increased by 68.8 percent, vegetable prices by 81.7 percent, pulses prices by 29.2 percent and other food prices by 16.4 percent. According to the 12-month averages calculated by comparing the last 12-month average prices of the products included in the basket with the average prices of the previous 12-month period, there was an increase of 31.9 percent in food prices.


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