Economy doubled the pandemic

Economy doubled the pandemic
Date: 27.9.2020 15:00

According to the survey, 44 percent of the citizens said that Turkey's economy is the biggest problem seen, while the proportion of those who say pandemic stayed at 22 percent.

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According to the public rate, Turkey's biggest problem is not pandemic but economy. Made 44 percent of citizens in the research said that Turkey sees as the biggest problem in the economy, while the proportion of those who say pandemic stayed at 22 percent. This situation revealed that even the coronavirus pandemic that swept the whole world could not hide economic problems.


Mak Consulting Research Agenda by by citizens in Turkey Turkey's economy is still the number one issue. Another issue pointed out in the study, "instead of today's managers What would you do if you were managing to Turkey that the current managers do?" There were answers to the question. 33 percent of citizens this question, "I'd give the job to qualified persons at all" pointed out that the answer to the problems in Turkey worthy.
The research reveals that the party where a significant part of the citizens who voted in the 24 June 2018 General Elections will vote has changed.
"If there was a general election tomorrow, will your voting preference change according to the party you voted for in the June 24 elections?" While 19 percent of the respondents answered "it will change" to the question, 17 percent seem to have not made their decision yet. 64 percent of the respondents state that they will vote again for the party they voted for on June 24th.
According to the citizen, the troubles in the economy are more severe than the pandemic! MAK Consulting data pointed at by Turkey Agenda Survey Ranks. In the study, which asked citizens about different issues, 44 percent of the citizens answered the economic problems to the question "what is the most important problem of the country", while the rate of those who answered the pandemic remained at 22 percent. In this case, even if the whole world ravaged coronavirus pandemic revealed unable to keep economic problems in Turkey.


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