Education calendar uncertain but the hikes determined

Education calendar uncertain but the hikes determined
Date: 30.8.2020 15:00

A new increase has been reflected in the tuition fees paid by students studying in evening education departments.

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With the coronavirus pandemic surrounding the whole world, it has been about 6 months since the implementation of distance education programs instead of face-to-face education in education. 
A few days before the start of the new education period, students began to react to the 8.6 percent increase in the tuition fee received from students studying in evening education departments at universities.


* Contributions received from students are transferred to the budget of the university where the student is affiliated and used in the university's expenses. The announced contributions may differ at each university, and the raise rate must not exceed 3 times the previous raise rate.
In the shadow of the coronavirus epidemic, the increase decision regarding the contribution fees to be received from university students, days before the start of the new academic year, was published in the official newspaper on July 11. Students, on the other hand, reacted to the raise decision of 8.6 percent, while it is not clear whether they will receive distance education or face-to-face education.


While the last increase in the student contribution fee was made in 2012, the students said, "Was it the job to be done during the pandemic process? While we were thinking about whether the fees we gave in the last period would be refunded, what is this increase, was it necessary when everyone was struggling with economic problems?" they express their reactions in the form. Students who received distance education last semester state that their fees paid during the distance education period should be refunded.


Since each university determines the tuition fees itself, different prices may arise in each department. For example, a student studying as a secondary education at a university's communication faculty will pay 481 TL per semester in the previous terms, and will pay 522.50 TL after the raise decision. In another university, a student studying at the Faculty of Communication will pay 481 TL last year, and 1116 TL this year.


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