Effects of the economic crisis hit tradesmen and citizens

Effects of the economic crisis hit tradesmen and citizens
Date: 10.9.2018 15:00

With the volatility in the exchange rate, the effects of the economic crisis began to feel more and more. While tradesmen and companies are having a hard time to find water, paste and even napkins at the markets.

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It is emphasized that bakers are about to bankrupt because of the economic downturn, while bakers have reduced the production of bread in response to increases in wheat products. It is said that the companies are bringing a law of 'bankruptcy', which caused the comments 'the economy is free, the crisis is forbidden'.
The effect of the fluctuations in the economy has begun to become more apparent. In many sectors of the economic crisis, while the bend of businessmen bend, the purchasing power of the citizen falls every day. While the traders are having trouble finding products for the businessmen, it is said that the biggest reason for this is importing policies. While there are many products in markets, especially water, it is stated that baker bakers have reduced production. With the increase in input costs, many tradesmen and businessmen are struggling with bankruptcy.
Due to the lack of monitoring of economic policies towards production, the food sector is one of the sectors where the crisis is felt the most, and in recent days citizens have difficulty in finding water. While there are many products in market stocks, water, sugar, tomato paste and napkins are not found. Increasing the cost of importing products reduces the purchasing power of the tradesmen. Corporate giant companies have lowered the weight of their products, many products are removed from the cure is stated.
While the increase in wheat and wheat products bends the bakers' belts, the electricity hikes affect the baker. Bakers who wanted to raise bread with increased input costs resorted to a different method after not receiving the expected price increase. Because of the baking of bakers, the production of bread is stated to be reduced. It is stated that the citizens have difficulty in finding bread in this market.
While the incentive schemes for tradesmen and businessmen are not at the desired level, the problems have been further enlarged, and many banks have noted that they have stopped their escrow loans. Although many companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, the bankruptcy announcement is 'forbidden'. While emphasizing that companies have great difficulty in paying for rising input costs, living developments have led to comments on 'the economy is free, the bankrupt is forbidden'.


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