Either house or 60 percent

Either house or 60 percent
Date: 26.9.2021 15:00

The "rent" crisis, which was brought to the agenda by Milli Gazete with headlines such as "A CITY IS LOOKING FOR A HOUSE", "STUDENTS' DIFFICULT EXAM WITH HIGH RENTAL", is increasing day by day.

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Housing rents, which have increased recently, have turned into a crisis in almost every province, especially in big cities. While the number of people looking for a house in Istanbul is expressed in the tens of thousands, with the opening of universities, students are experiencing serious housing problems due to high rents in the cities they go to. In addition, there is exorbitant pressure from landlords for former tenants. So much so that some landlords are said to pressure the tenants, "Either increase it by 60 percent or leave the house" in order to get high rents.


Kocaeli Chamber of Realtors, President Alpay Hacıoğlu, claimed that some landlords were opportunistic and pressured the tenants, "Either increase by 60 percent or get out of the house", while some of them received commissions like real estate agents. Hacıoğlu said, “The owner gives the house to his own advertisement. When the student calls, he says, 'You will also pay a real estate commission fee'. The landlord says, 'Either increase by 60 percent or get out of my house'. So it forces the person out. After he leaves, he gives higher prices to the new tenant candidate," he said.


Stating that there has been a 60 percent increase in rent increases in Kocaeli in the last 1 year, Hacıoğlu said, "The sudden arrival of students increased the rent of 1000 TL in the city to 2000 TL, and the rent of 2000 TL to 3000 TL. We also determined that; I bought a house with a rent of 1000 TL, my contract is ending and I want to renew it for 2 more years. But my landlord is not renewing. On the contrary, he says, 'Either increase it by 60 percent or get out of my house'. So it forces the person out. After he leaves, he gives higher prices to the new tenant candidate."
Kocaeli Realtors Association and Kocaeli Real Estate Agents Chamber President Alpay Hacıoğlu made statements about the recently increased rents. Stating that they have been going through a difficult process for about 2 years with the effect of the pandemic, Hacıoğlu said, "All sectors have passed into a pause and waiting period. During this period, housing manufacturers did not produce housing. Some of the students I talked to on the street came in August and kept their houses, some of them bought a house 4 months ago. They rented houses for such an affordable price," he said.
“Dormitory fees are 2000 TL per month”
Pointing out that private dormitories have difficulty in surviving due to the pandemic, Hacıoğlu said, "In fact, some dormitories had to close, a few of them went bankrupt. We also give credit to those who are standing. Their expenses are too high. If a student says 'I will stay in the dormitory in Kocaeli', he/she has to pay 2,000 TL per month. If two students get together and buy a house, the same amount has to be paid. Currently, a university student studying in any province of Turkey has an expense of approximately 5 thousand TL per month. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the worker to provide this support to the sons of the civil servant."


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