Ekrem İmamoğlu: "Final election is next week"

Ekrem İmamoğlu: "Final election is next week"
Date: 22.5.2023 13:00

Ekrem İmamoğlu met with poll watchers in Maltepe, Istanbul.

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Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, met with poll watchers, observers, Turkish Volunteers and Vote and Beyond team, who will take part in the 28 May election, in Maltepe.
Speaking at the meeting, which was supported by the Istanbul components of the Nation Alliance, İmamoğlu talked about ballot box security.
Speaking at the meeting held at the Maltepe Event Area, İmamoğlu said, "I am very happy to be together with perhaps the most important people of this election this Sunday morning. You; You are the ballot box officials, the observers,my esteemed brothers, fellow countrymen and fellow travelers who assume all this responsibility. You are the soldiers of democracy. You are the foremost heroes of this process."


"Each of you, we all know very well; The belief that the elections will be held in accordance with the law and that the votes will be counted honestly constitutes the strongest basis of the democratic order. If this belief is shaken, unfortunately the whole system that keeps the country alive will be shaken. On May 28, you, us, those democracy soldiers who are on duty all over our country, will ensure that our democracy is solid and standing. Good for him. As you leave here, each of you is not only responsible for Sunday, May 28, but until that day, 'What should I do in my neighbourhood? Which neighbor's hand should I shake? I want you to leave here and go to your homes and neighborhoods with the consciousness of 'Which neighbor should I knock on and ask if you have a request?' İmamoğlu added.


"This government has not received a vote of confidence from our nation. Point. He did not get the vote of confidence. This voter said to the government, "Stop it," despite all the opportunities it used, despite all its oppressive attitude, despite its slanders and lies. "Stop, I'm not choosing you," he said. In summary; The first round was kind of like a semi-final match. Now those who were eliminated have been eliminated, two people are left for the final. In the final, in the environment where these two leaders competed, I actually say; In addition to these two leaders, a process will be questioned, a system will be questioned. And those who want that system to go will hopefully vote for Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu -I brought you his enthusiastic greetings-in this process. It doesn't matter who has done what or what has been done in this next important final match. It doesn't matter who scored how many points. This is a brand new game from scratch. We will start May 28 0-0. Our citizens will make an evaluation according to the performance they will display that day and the performance they will display in the last week. He will make his final decision on May 28. Our nation will make a new and very important evaluation about who will give power. This is the meaning of the second round. So the main election is next week, the final match is next week," İmamoğlu said.


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