Ekrem Şama: "A nation is transforming"

Ekrem Şama: "A nation is transforming"
Date: 5.4.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ekrem Şama writes on Turkish society. Here is the full article.

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When we were young, we listened to more gruesome phrases such as "A nation is awakening".
When we look at our situation, we see that we should pronounce our current situation as "A nation is transforming" as in the title.
The late Turgut Özal was expressing this transformation in the ANAP period as “Transformation”, but he rather meant economic transformation. Today, both economy, politics, social life, morality, religious life and family life are being transformed. Although these transformation efforts are being made under the pretext of preparing our society for the West, royalists rather than kings are transforming our society beyond this level.
On the one hand, dirty media scenarios, on the other hand, the ambition and possibilities of the power that stimulate their enthusiasm for wealth, on the one hand, the changes of laws and rules in a way that will cause this transformation to accelerate and encourage, on the other hand, the religious fatwas of some "hodja masters" are both purposeful and suitable for exploitation. interpreting it and applying it to life are the steps of transforming our society.
Let's list examples:
It is now a prophet's profession to show lies, deception, slander, portraying those who do not think like themselves as enemies, doing the opposite, let alone turning discourses into actions, and trying to portray what happened and what happened as not happened. not, it has started to be perceived as an ordinary political acrobat and to be regarded as normal. As a result, the majority of our society has been brought to the understanding that everything is legitimate on the way to winning. This transformation causes our society not only to "pollute understanding" politically, but also to make lies and slander among themselves a valid currency, and the transformation is accelerating.
Before being transformed, most of this society was concerned about "bringing halal bite to your house". But when we look at it now, it has been brought to the concept of "win wherever you win". Illegitimate ways such as bribery, extortion, profiteering, appropriation of state property, ambition to win from gambling, claiming, easy-to-corner, stocking, and riba began to be seen as legitimate. What is this, if not transmutation?
The efforts to transform our society by polluting their food, the authority of those who do this to be brought to the key points of the management, the dignity of the adulterants, the detection of the large companies putting harmful and haram additives on the market, the penalties given are far from deterrence, the possibility of haram food to reach our tables is quite increased shows that efforts to transform our society from within have come to the fore.
If our place was available, we would write other conversion efforts. Let's give a few titles:
Brotherhood gives way to hostility.
Worships are started to be performed for show and to be favored by others rather than Allah's approval.
Addition of interest to wealth with a fatwa that is "nothing more than inflation".
The spread of adultery, shameful acts, gambling and the like with the understanding that "even the law condones it, even the state protects it"
Damage to trust by adding "lies, slander and asparagus" to news and communication contents.
Exposing the immoralities in the media and exemplifying them.
The deepening of the distributional injustice.
Playing rudely with the mechanism of justice.
Enforcement of laws and legislation that crack the foundation of the family and prepared with a feminine perspective, and enforce them persistently.
The formation of a large army of the unemployed in parallel with the declines in industry, agriculture and animal husbandry.
And other methods of transformation are applied to this society.
Are we still going to characterize those who persistently and persistently continue to apply these methods of transformation that will destroy society, as "well-intentioned but inaccurate"?
Here you decide!
If truth is not our motto in our life
Surely, falsehood spoils our lives!


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