Ekrem Şama: "AKP's great sacrifices"

Ekrem Şama: "AKPs great sacrifices"
Date: 23.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ekrem Şama writes about Turkey's ruling party. Here is the full article.

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To sacrifice means to dispose of something of value for the sake of value that it wants to achieve. This can be a value such as money, an object, a valuable memory, a useful thought, imagination can be. Or something like that.
Those who do this often and to a large extent are called altruistic.
In this sense, the AKP has had great sacrifices since the day it came to power. It takes a long time to sort them one by one, taking up large space. We would like to write a few of the sacrifices we can fit into the volume of our tiny article.
It sacrificed the essence to the shell. The essence emptied, the dry crust remained. For example, it promised to raise religious youth, but at this point a large part of the youth is experiencing an emptied piety. For example, the headscarf provided its freedom, but the consciousness within the covered heads was largely filed.
It sacrificed the Islamic world for his Crusader and Zionist ambitions. When we look around, see how many Islamic countries were torn apart and evacuated. It is not even possible to estimate how many millions of corpses, how many victims, how many millions of refugees. Robberies, accents do not account for limit. Sir, what is the AKP's sin in this, those who examine the recent past, let. Let them see them.
It sacrificed quality in education. Luxury and gigantic buildings, diluted classes, smart boards, tablets, books, pens. These are excellent. But what about quality? Isn't it enough to say that our quality of education lags behind most of the backward African countries in the world?
It sacrificed our financial resources for concrete, asphalt, steel constructions and dead investments like earthmoving. Could a factory be built that could be a panacea? Where did our internal and external debt jump from? It is true that what is done with the build-operate-transfer model is very good, but our future has also been mortgaged. We're not going to explain this here. Those who want to study will understand.
Our being straightforward as ordered feature was sacrificed to lies, slanders and scribbles. Lying was considered the key to success. The responsibility for defamation was ignored. There were clear statements that it was permissible to lie in the squares, that it was not necessary to carry out discourses when it came to work, and that this was the case all over the world. In fact, in some cases, the fatwa on the response of lying to some situations was expanded and new fatwas are given.
The Islamic Union sacrificed its purpose for the sake of the European Union. So much so that the Islamic Union was almost erased from the minds, except that it was the field of study of the National Opinionists. In order to enter the European Union, all the values ​​of the nation were almost devastated and replaced by the stinking values ​​of Europe. The European Union was considered a civilization project.
The AKP's sacrifices are not that much. How the national integrity is sacrificed to othering, indigenousness, nationality; how to sacrifice globalism, globality, how food security, even partially provided by domestic productions, is given to food coming from foreigners, how our own production facilities are sacrificed for debts and interest, how the virtues of working and producing of our nation are sacrificed to live with debt many more sacrifices should be mentioned. But the lack of space does not allow us to count them.
We seem to hear a question whether there is any possibility of correcting them. Even during the landing process, the AKP still has many opportunities. It is now in the hands of the possibility of correcting the legislation it has broken. We don't know if it will or will not make these arrangements that will partially reduce their historical burden. It seems a little hard to find, as they're blocking their ears. However, it should not be forgotten that our sacrificed values ​​can be solved with the hopes of National Vision, even if they are long-term.
The AKP's sacrifices
Our sacrificed values,
are vital and great!
Our lungs burn as we think,
This burden causes two world punishment!


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