Ekrem Şama: "Passion and effort"

Ekrem Şama: "Passion and effort"
Date: 2.12.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ekrem Şama writes on his life experiences. Here is the full article.

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Man is a passionate creature.
I'm 70 years old. I've witnessed too many things...
What impresses us the most is the fact that people engage in jobs that are larger than their size for the sake of passion. We have witnessed that many of them instead of to go into their own business, even it is going beyond their own height, they get involved in someone else's work and attempt to do it themselves. Then the things happen.
For example, an event that we have often witnessed for 60 years:
For the defense of the homeland, the pupil of the army, which we are feeding for the defense of the homeland, often came up with enthusiasm for the junta, attempted to do great things over the neck, and what socks weave! They attempted to intervene in social engineering and interfere with everything. Rather than focusing on the defense of the homeland, they stripped into politics, because they did not know, did not enter the field of specialization, because they did not know what they were doing, we received great blows as a society.
Where would they have been if, in 1980, 1997, even if they did not attempt to do more than their height, and did their own duties, and that spiritual and material development could be sustained? Would they have written to our lost household for many years if they had supported them by doing their duties instead of interrupting that industrialization?
For example, narrow-minded politicians!
He/she does not understand the world politics, does not know the economy, can not comprehend the value of industrialization, can not grasp the value of spirituality, the horizon, many politicians who are too narrow to realize the future! What has attracted them?
If the doctor, engineer, engineering, accountant will continue to make accounts in the place, not necessarily to win fame, not necessarily to be a deputy, not necessarily to the air to the left, to get high salaries or akçeli rudders, even if he had chosen to put the head of the effort to select these jobs If we did, where would we be? No, not necessarily the leader will be elected by flattery, how and where it is not very clear to carry out party policies to carry out the leader's signal to raise hands, hands will complete the transfer.
The state does not establish a factory; raise your hand, it will lift!
Existing factories will be sold and then demolished; raise your hand, it will lift!
The following unethical arrangements will be made for the European Union; Raise your hand!
The duty shall be assigned to the non-qualified persons; Raise your hand!
No questioning, no thinking, no reasoning; According to commands, they whether raise or not raise their hands!
But what will happen to our country.
Say, for God's sake, if they hadn't attempted to go beyond their height, if they had continued to do their well-known professions, would we have lost so many years?
He was educated in finance, but he did not manage a small enterprise, no experience, no procedures, no man. Come here, sit behind the wheel, create the state's fiscal policies, manage!
How many years have they lost, how much have we paid, to whom we have become infamous, which we have disposed of at no cost?
It is unclear whether he studied journalism or not. Every event is “I know”. He rented out the pen. He cuts the corner. That television, it circulates television. Folks, this guy knows something, and he takes a stand in the direction he shows. Were these types of people affected in their poses that caused itching, delusion and low mountains? But when the country was put into a deadlock, miy Didn't I say how many years did we waste because of these ignorant ignorant people who came on top like olive oil?
Do you look for those who lick feet and bowls to market yourself, look for those who set up a party to patch on to another party, always look for the opportunity to walk around and grab 2 points, whether you're hunting and seizing corners, searching for mercenary disciples, and marketing their own miracles? Do you look for those who tear, for those who blatantly use for worship and betrayals of trade, do you look for those who are brought into play every day thinking that I know something, beans from prof. Are you looking for people who take your title and sell themselves slowly?
What we have witnessed in our 70-year life!
My brother hasn't lost so much time in this country.
We have been tripped by the ambition of many, and we are still in that position.
If we could turn our ambitions into the right direction!
Do not carry loads with a disabled belly
Do not carry, be good on lifting power;
Do not wrestle with a weak arm,
Watch what you can do.


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