Ekrem Şama: "What will change?"

Ekrem Şama: "What will change?"
Date: 28.12.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ekrem Şama writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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What and how will change in the order that destroys our family structure and is almost imposed on our society, most of which stem from the Istanbul Convention?
It can be seen that because of this imposed order, violence and murders within and outside the family have increased, divorces have reached a record level, the floods of anger are devastating because legal interests are blocked, young people are rotted in prison, children are devastated, malicious people are feasting, our officials play the confused.
I guess the European Union officials must be laughing in the sleeve.
Ideas frequently change in terms of diagnosis and treatment, especially the statements of our President. You see, one day they count the virtues of the Istanbul Convention, the next day they say that this is not how it will change, and the next day they explain that there is no problem in this contract and that there are errors in applications. It can be said that whoever was the last visitor and spoke effectively, they express the ideas they imposed on them as if they came out and made their final decisions in the squares. Although they state that the regulations on adultery and cursed acts and their owners are wrong, no steps are taken to change them. The same can be said for the presidential chief advisors.
While the Speaker of the Parliament and the AK Party executives can say, “I have read this contract many times in English, I know it is very objectionable”, while the women organizations of the same party and the NGO executives formed by them can present this new family order as a revolution. Especially, a former minister and still a member of parliament who made a last statement, let's name Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu explains that divorces have reached a level of astonishing with this new order, as if ringing the alarm bells, but he does not even think to take a step. We cannot see that not only that, but also those who advocate for a change in the Istanbul Convention and the laws based on it and who are accepted as authorized have still taken a step.
We are afraid that when a new election is sent to the mail, a new text will be imposed on this society overnight with the logic of "here we have changed, vote for us again". Just like this distorted legal structure that overturns our order and is imposed in a few minutes without even knowing what it is and for, and makes us a victim. They will appear because we changed everything overnight.
So what will change, how will it change?
This change does not happen in a short time, it cannot. Working groups should be established. Separate from experts, separate from practitioners, separate from those representing the community, separate from Islamic law experts, separate from sociologists and psychologists. Scientific conferences and panels should be organized and discussion platforms should be created. The representatives of the victims should be brought side by side with the lawyers, practitioners and legislators on suitable grounds and the issue should be discussed in detail. Ideas should be exchanged. Public participation in these discussions should be ensured. Ideas should be taken and reasons should be discussed. This is not something that will happen in just a few months. It is not something that can happen if that TV channel is yours, this TV channel is me, the person who "knows everything best" with three or five mainsprings was run from that newspaper corner to this newspaper corner and injected artificial ideas into the brains.
There are urgent things to do. Young people who are not guilty in prison should be released immediately. Murderers, thief, and bribery released from prisons on an excuse. Those who get married early are cut off from their families and held innocently in prison. Emergency actions should be taken in families who break up. It was played with the core of society. Our future is put in danger. This family order must be corrected and changed. Following its pedestal, rules and requirements. It should be started immediately. Replacing it with a new one without obeying the rules and rules of correcting it will bring new pains and destructions. What needs to be done is to secure the family permanently. Problems should be solved by operating legal processes without breaking or spilling the family. Otherwise, in the slightest friction between spouses, like Alexander tying the knot by hitting a sword; It is both easy and destructive to solve it by hitting, breaking, ripping, and dispersing the family.
Dictating and implementing certain texts without calculating them at all will not solve the problem. What will change in order to solve the problems in a new family order, which will be implemented as a procedure and the processes written above will be implemented without the maximum benefit and minimum drawbacks?
What will change!


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