Ekrem Şama: "Will Davutoglu speak?

Ekrem Şama: "Will Davutoglu speak?
Date: 10.6.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ekrem Şama writes about Turkish former PM Ahmet Davutoğlu. Here is the full article.

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Ahmet Davutoglu was carried out in the most important and active roles of the determination of Turkey's foreign policy and enforcement since the beginning of the AKP government.
First, he served as a consultant to the government as the most knowledgeable and well-equipped international relations expert and lecturer. Then he served as Foreign Minister for many years and finally as Prime Minister.
Now it is said that he will part ways with the AKP and form a party. It is not our intention to express an opinion on whether or not to form a separate party. Now that it's time we talk about what they know to talk about the attitude of events that devastated Turkey and the Islamic world. There are many events that we are curious about, but we would like to give some examples of the important ones.
Has Saddam been contacted before the US decision to invade Iraq and the March 1, 2003 Iraqi motion? Despite the persistent search by UN officials, the weapons of mass destruction, which were not found, were handed over to Saddam be wanted enough by AKP government officials, what was recommended and what was discussed with the US?
During a visit to Libya in 2009, Did the late Qaddafi, in bilateral official meetings, offer  the re-establishment of Ottoman Turkey, together in the Libyan oil and the use of common water resources and Turkey ? What was the answer to this proposal? Has the US been notified of this offer after the visit? What attitude did they take? Was this proposal effective in the fall of Libya and the overthrow of Qaddafi? Destroyed during the bombardment of Libya by NATO, is Qaddafi's cries of distress reached Turkey? What mission did our navy do? Did thousands of Libyan children, young old men, who sailed on boats to escape from the war and sailed to the Mediterranean, die of hunger and thirst? Did NATO close its eyes against them? What did our navy do about it? by the most senior officials of the Gaddafi overthrew the rebels AKP government after the bombardment, suitcases full and was taken to why dollars for hundreds of millions in cash, whose "recommended" as was the decision taken to Turkey what benefits, is this money taken back?
Turkey's relations with the Syrian leader Assad, while were close enough to use the same toothpick, what was discussed concerning the two countries? Have we discussed what might happen if the borders are lifted? Is the meaning of the re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire mentioned? Did Assad express that eventually  the Syrian-Israeli war could begin? Did Assad say, in such a situation, the Syrian government center will immediately shoot the Turkey flags? In such a situation, was the fact that the Syria was deemed to be annexed to Turkey talked? Has this topic been discussed with the US? Did this talk affect the decision to overthrow Assad? Did this issue come up again when they presented Assad the US ultimatum?
After the overthrow and imprisonment of Mubarak for the pretext that the Arab Spring deception was genuine in Egypt,dependent on the fact that the Society of Muslim Brothers had been hesitant to participate in the elections, what was discussed in the AKP decision-making bodies and the Council of Ministers about the visit of the Prime Minister to Egypt to persuade them to run for election? Did the US have any advice in the formation of this idea? What was discussed with Mursi and his men? Has Hasan El Benna been made the agenda? What was the Turkey’s effect in going to the elections of Society of Muslim Brothers?  Did they talk about the regret that the Saadet Party delegation to Egypt did not listen to the advice of them not to go to the elections and not to jump in the game of the US and its servants ? Did Turkey have meetings  obviously or secretly with the US and Sisi? While the Brotherhood members were clamped and martyred in the squares what was discussed in the Turkey-US-Sisi-Israel polygon? 
Which states and how did they make promises about the ”New Ottoman” to the ruling party? Who has fallen into these promises and how? When it became clear that this was a deception, what was discussed with whom, and what was discussed?
The immoral proposals and recommendations of the EU,relations with Greece, concessions on Cyprus, the massacres in Afghanistan, the destruction of our red lines in Iraq, the unfortunate Jeddah talks, the forgotten D-8 and the Islamic Union, the games in Yemen, withdrawal of the tomb of Suleyman Shah, our foreign policies which stood in a dead end.
We don't care if Davutoglu is going to establish a party or not. It should explain the process of devastating the Islamic world. He should tell our nation to learn the truth and inner side of everything.
World life is mortal, lifetimes are temporary, it is not clear when the death will come. It doesn't make sense to make indirect implications or references to someone. Now that the time has come, Prof.Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu who is an expert in foreign policies must fulfill this historic duty by speaking!
They went over and smashed them informally,
They're still squashing, and they're stringing,
Locomotives separate, wagons separate,
Each of them doubling our troubles!


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