Elif Ergen: "Kızılelma will fly in early 2023"

Elif Ergen: "Kızılelma will fly in early 2023"
Date: 29.10.2022 12:16

Bayraktar Akıncı was the most popular element of the SAHA EXPO Defense, Aviation and Space Industry Fair held in Istanbul.

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Statements from Elif Ergen, Bayraktar Akıncı's Test and Training Pilot, to the Milli Gazete... 
Our newspaper, which closely examined the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) in question, also spoke with Akıncı's test and training pilot, Elif Ergen. Ergen said, “Bayraktar Akıncı has become a major force in the fight against terrorism... Likewise, we are developing the Kızılelma and we are planning its flight in the first months of 2023.”
SAHA EXPO Defense, Aviation and Space Industry Fair, organized by SAHA Istanbul, Europe's largest industrial cluster, came to an end as of yesterday. SAHA EXPO, which is the biggest meeting of the industry and creates an effective platform for important collaborations, brought together 250 foreign and 750 domestic companies from 57 countries. Baykar Technology stands were one of the most frequented points of SAHA EXPO Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry Fair, which attracted great interest from the first day. While Bayraktar Akıncı attracted great interest, Milli Gazete closely followed the UCAV in question. 


Elif Ergen, the test and training pilot of Bayraktar Akıncı, told the Milli Gazete about the UCAV, the pride of our country. Noting that Akıncı has been the apple of the eye of the participants since the first day of the Defense and Industry Fair, Ergen said, “It has a flight altitude of 40,000 feet and can stay in the air for 24 hours. It has a total takeoff weight of 6 tons. It has a useful load capacity of 1,5 tons. We can integrate domestic and national ammunition into Akıncı. We are able to take off autonomously from ground control stations.” 


Emphasizing Akıncı's contribution to the fight against terrorism in her evaluations for our newspaper, test and training pilot Elif Ergen gave the good news of the new unmanned warplane that Baykar Technology is working on. Stating that Baykar Bayraktar Kızılelma that design and development works of it continue by Baykar Technology, that is Turkey-based unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer, has a turbofan engine and stealth features, is currently undergoing development, Ergen stated that they are planning the flight of Kızılelma in the first months of 2023. Regarding the subject, Ergen said, “Kızılelma is a combat Unmanned Aeorical Vehicle (UAV) with strategic level, low appearance and the ability to operate from TCG Anadolu-style short-runway ships. It will have high maneuverability, and there will be single and twin engine versions.”


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