Enough with the TAK

Enough with the TAK
Date: 13.12.2016 13:15

TAK has organized 15 attacks since the day its established. 200 people lost their lives during these attacks ...

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The attacks that martyred our 44 people in Besiktas last Saturday , TAK(one of the arms of PKK terror organization) has claimed the attacks. The PKK, which does not claim the attacks in order to get out of the list of Western`s terrorist organizations list, makes the TAK claims the bloody attacks. The attacks of the TAK which organized by Murat Karayilan, one of the senior executives of the PKK, are diversified as bombed attacks, suicide actions, arson.


TAK militants that organizing bomb attacks are being trained in Kamışlı and Afrin. The terror organization TAK which has claimed the attacks has given the new explanations and signals the new attacks. In the past years, terrorists have threatened to make Turkey a bad place.


Terrorists, who defined themselves as a "bouncy power" in structure, ranked their priority targets as "military bureaucracy", "economy" and "tourism". Since its established in 2004, TAK has organized 15 attacks. Two hundred people lost their lives during these attacks.
It is known that the TAK militants that organizing the bomb attack were trained in Kamışlı and Afrin following the achievements of the PKK in Syria. Especially in the past few months, terrorism has been shifted to big cities with blood loss in rural areas. 


Unlike previous bombed vehicle actions, the terror organization is now in an effort to abandon these roads, to engage in trafficked vehicles, and to commit fraudulent acts with unscrambled terrorists. 
The attack that resulted in the martyrdom of Derik District Governor Muhammad Fatih Safitürk, who was appointed to the municipality since October.
Bombed motorcycle attack in Yenibosna, Istanbul
Cell-house that has a bombed car in Ankara Gölbaşı ...
Bomb attack against the Diyarbakır Police
Bombing vehicle attack in Adana
The latest attack on Istanbul showed that the PKK is in the new attack tactics.


July 17, 2005: A minibus carrying tourists in Aydın Kuşadası and a bomb exploding in İzmir Çeşme a week later resulted in the deaths of 5 tourists, a police officer and 34 people were injured.
28 April 2006: Two people died in a hotel attack in Marmaris.
28 August 2006: An attack was organized in Antalya and many people were injured and four people lost their lives.
23 May 2007: 7 people were killed and 102 people were injured in the explosion in Ulus Anafartalar, Ankara.
20 September 2011: 3 people lost their lives in the explosion in Kızılay, Ankara and 34 people were injured.
December 23, 2015: 1 cleaning officer lost his life in the attack on Sabiha Gökçen Airport.
February 17, 2016: 28 people lost their lives in a bombed attack in Ankara, 61 people were injured.
April 27, 2016: The suicide bombing near the Bursa Ulu Mosque took place on 1 May 2016.
June 7, 2016: 11 people, including 5 police officers and 6 civilians, were killed while 36 people were injured in a bomb-loaded car attack in the Fatih district of Istanbul.
6 October 2016: 10 civilians were wounded in a bomb-loaded motorcycle attack in Yenibosna district of Istanbul.
November 24, 2016: 2 civilians lost their lives 33 people were injured in the attack organized by a bombed car to Adana Governor building.


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