Entrance price to Hagia Sophia rose

Entrance price to Hagia Sophia rose
Date: 18.7.2019 11:00

It was mosque before the elections... But museum after elections... Turkey raises price of entry to Hagia Sophia.

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The words of 'Hagia Sophia will be a mosque again', which was said at the President's level before March 31st, replaced the entrance fees with a 20 percent raise.
An interesting decision came before President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's news of the good news for Hagia Sophia had dried up on March 29th, two days before the elections. The entrance fees to Hagia Sophia, which was granted the status of a museum, were raised by 20 percent. The news of the raise was interestingly announced from the social media account of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Thus, the entrance to the Hagia Sophia Mosque was 72 Turkish Liras.
It was said, "We have some plans," and raise came out
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan once again raised the issue of the Hagia Sophia Museum at a rally held in Istanbul's Sultanbeyli on Friday and established the following sentences: "We were very patient, but I explained it recently. As you know, they turned the Hagia Sophia from the mosque into a museum. Now we hope that after the election, we will return from the museum to the mosque as a name and we have some plans. We will put these plans into practice."
Message from the US came to life
The US International Religious Freedom Commission also condemned President Erdogan's earlier statement that the Hagia Sophia Museum could be converted into a mosque. "Hagia Sophia has a deep historical and spiritual significance for Muslims and Christians. The status of the museum should be preserved.. At this point, the President gave the good news, not warnings of the US International Commission on Religious Freedom."
Interesting raise announcement from the Ministry
In a statement made from the Twitter account of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the maintenance and repair of existing museums can be made better, new museums can be opened, archaeological sites in order to extend the duration of excavations in the entrance fees, which was far below the prices of European museums.


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