Erdoğan's new roadmap

Erdoğans new roadmap
Date: 11.7.2019 11:00

The use of a harsh and polarizing language in the March 31 local elections was interpreted as the disappearance of Istanbul by the People's Alliance on June 23, and the AKP entered the dissolution process.

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Ali Babacan, who resigned from the AKP, along with the new party signal, 60-65 deputies to be established on the agenda to pass the party. It is stated that President Erdoğan will want to overcome this blockage by going to the cabinet revision. The new cabinet will also include some names from opposition parties.
The AKP, which has lost many municipalities, particularly Ankara and Istanbul, with its polarizing language, is also experiencing problems with irregular rhetoric in foreign policy. While the events that took place both inside and outside the country were interpreted as the break-up of the AKP, Erdoğan stated that he would make significant changes to reverse this situation. Frequent problems in the cabinet force Erdogan to change the cabinet.


The government will not be able to find a way out of the economic crisis at the top of the list of dismissals, even at the base of the harsh language criticized by the Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who polarized the citizen during the election process and uses a threatening language, is also harming the AKP and should be dismissed. Yavuz Ağıralioğlu, Deputy Chairman of the GOOD Party Group, is named for the Ministry of Interior. The purchase of S-400 from Russia, the deterioration of relations with the United States, the ongoing state of war in Syria in uncertainty, the economic crisis, the passage of Istanbul and Ankara municipalities to the CHP, the endless troubles in the cabinet is pushing President Erdogan new searches.
Another allegation spoken in Ankara is about Ali Babacan. AKP deputies from a team of 60-65 people leaving Ali Babacan'ın said the new party can pass. The silence of President Abdullah Gül also strengthens Ali Babacan's hand.


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