Establish a parliamentary commission of inquiry in TRNC!

Establish a parliamentary commission of inquiry in TRNC!
Date: 28.9.2022 07:20

While the Zionist groups occupying the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) step by step continue their work without slowing down, a research commission should be established in the TRNC Assembly as soon as possible.

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While the Zionist threat is growing in the TRNC, both the financier and the organizer are clear... Milli Gazete, which has been fighting hard to prevent the TRNC lands from being occupied by the Zionists, is making a historical and very important call. While the Zionists resolutely continue their efforts to make the Cyprus a part of the Promised Land, it is of great importance that the TRNC state take action now. In this context, as a first step, a research commission should be established in the TRNC Assembly. 


According to the sources that reached our newspaper, the Zionists determined Aydınköy in the Güzelyurt region of Cyprus as their new target. While it was learned that the Israeli-based Evergreen Cyprus firm took action in the region, it was noted that Cihan Erdogan, the CEO of the firm, was in an intense work. In this context, it was learned that Erdogan knocked on the doors of citizens who were in financial difficulties and offered a large amount of money to buy their properties. 


Citizens living in Aydınköy, located in Güzelyurt, reached our newspaper and announced the financier of the Zionist lobby in the region. Accordingly, it was stated that the person who financed the Israeli lobby's occupation activities in the TRNC was Israeli businessman Yuval Michaely. Pointing out that Michaely is constantly working on reconnaissance in Aydınköy, the villagers added that they are very worried about what happened.


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