EU project announced by Turkish ministry

EU project announced by Turkish ministry
Date: 29.11.2019 13:00

The ministry in charge of the family and the European Union have signed a joint project to separate our children, the future of our country, from their mothers.

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The Ministry of Family and Social Services, in its printed posters with the slogan of 'Mothers to the and children to the nursery' showed once again that it had made a great effort on mothers to leave their children.


The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services continues to shake the foundations of the family, the main element of society. 
The ministry, which is at the center of the reactions with its policies encouraging women to get away from their homes and mothers from their children, adds new ones to the scandal practices. 
In a poster published with the signature of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the women were given the message, "Leave your children, get started in business". 
The project was supported by the European Union, which targets our spiritual values ​​at every opportunity.


Milli Gazete Journalist Mücahit Gültekin, who stated his opinion on the subject, said, "They want to build a world in which no one can see each other, a child that does not see his mother, a mother that does not see her husband. This is being done; slowly," he reacted to the issue.
The European Union, which has waged war on the moral values ​​of the Muslim Turkish people, also supports the unity of the family. The use of a woman wearing a headscarf in the advertisement is a perception operation aimed at expanding the target audience.


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