Europe to isolate the world with its genderlessn project

Europe to isolate the world with its genderlessn project
Date: 24.12.2019 11:00

Said Ercan, President of the International Social Media Association, warned families in Europe, saying that young people are directed towards genderless.

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Meeting with students in a program organized by Altınova Municipality, International Social Media Association (USMED) President Said Ercan, gave a seminar on social media. 
Ercan, in his speech, "social media is useful as well as uncontrolled use of the cause of some damage by expressing, Today, we can go to China by saying hello, and saying Salam alaikom can take you to South Africa, Germany. Which country in the world has such an advantage? Who has such a language advantage? Such a fraternity and history have the advantage? As thoughts cause of all operations in Turkey, as a culture, they say you're returning to the past as human resources," he said.


Ercan, "Singularity philosophy says that everyone will be alone. According to the research conducted on 55 thousand young people are getting lonely. Everyone is starting to live on their own island. Nobody's friends anymore. Why? It develops minds that will buy and sell products in the capitalist system. For its, the current series and films all preach solitude and preach solitude," he added.


Ercan, "On the other hand, there is another project. They want to create a single world state in the world. Nation states, they want to finish states such as Turkey. Because they cannot control these states. Because they can't, they unite in one state. They erected a statue in the US state of Georgia, and we know about 40 years later. There are 10 orders in 8 languages ​​on the monument named 'Rehbertaşı' in Georgia, USA. One of them is to reduce the human population to 500 million. Turkey 5 million people falling in this account. Second, rule all beliefs and states in the world. The third commandment, unite all the languages ​​of the world in one language. I'm looking at young people who don't agree with their parents in the language they speak," he said.


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