European Union harmonization laws are disturbing our family structure

European Union harmonization laws are disturbing our family structure
Date: 21.11.2017 17:30

With the Law No. 6284 passed under the European Union harmonization laws, we continue to engrave the family structure and traditions. This law, ordered from the West, even punishes even those who want to make peace.

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Mehmet Zafer Avcılar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul Family Counselors Association said, "The family counseling institution needs to be strengthened in order to protect the integrity of the family. Consultants should actively take part in these processes. The judge should give the counselors the duty in the process of giving away, so that the family can be strengthened again. Couples should get psycho-social support," he said.
* In a small debate without any violence, the couple who received a penalty of six months without examination were sentenced to a 10-day prison sentence when they came together to speak again.
* The wife, who had made a gift for the wife, was taken into custody and subjected to compulsory jail for 6284 reasons.


We talked about the neighborhood culture which is the basis of our social values ​​in connection with the World Neighborhood Day with Ebru Asiltürk, the Chairman of the Felicity Party Women's Branch.
Asiltürk stated that the values ​​of the neighborhood are corrupted today, expressing that the neighborhood culture and his right is a religious obligation. Asiltürk, who started his party as a "Goodbye to the neighbors" project, said: "With this project, we will continue to steal the doors of our neighbors. Neighborhood is not just a concept that can fit into a day. As the Felicity Party Women's Branches, we believe that our neighbors in this time period we are in will be 'good' to all of us, both as a family, as a family, and socially."
Mrs. Ebru, the culture of the neighborhood, which is one of the basic values ​​of our society, is important for all of us. However, in recent years, this issue is being tried to corrupt gradually. What do you want to say in this regard?
First of all, I would like to point out that we are experiencing a period in which people are most lonely and trustworthy when they consider the terms and conditions we are in. Some conditions brought by modern life have brought the person to the status of 'stranger in crowds'. Apart from compulsory relations, a sense of life that 'everyone looks at their own business' is dominant today. Besides this, we see that negative events that happen very often bring disbelief with them, and people choose to be alone for this reason. This makes us very upset. Yes, our social life has been changed with many areas, and will come in even more. This is inevitable. But we must not allow this change to take away some of our sine qua non values.
The right to the neighborhood is sacred
Neighborhood right is a religious obligation in this sense. Do we as a society fulfill this?
In response to this question, I must express my regret; we are at a time when families who have not met each other, who do not get into neighborhood relations, have been in the same family for years. "Relative right" is very important in our religion. All neighbors are treated equally. Every human being is a perfect being created by God. " And most importantly, one's beliefs, ethnicity, social status and position are not effective when the nature of the behavior is determined. His rights are considered sacred. Today we live in a period when we are socially polarized and everyone else is different. The "human love" that is at the core of this nation is destroyed and replaced by "relations of interest", "social peace and harmony."


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