Europe's biggest enemy is racism

Europes biggest enemy is racism
Date: 3.9.2018 16:00

Europe is in a great social crisis and contradiction, while UNESCO Chairman Selin Şenocak, who stated that human rights, freedom and pressure on the Muslims living in Europe from the other side, is on the one hand, the purpose of intervention in the Qur'an in France it was to drag Europe into a civil war.

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In order to prove that there are Muslim young people who are alienated and denied in Europe, members of the terrorist groups are asserting a new identity and power in their sense of revenge. Dr. Naciye Selin Senocak said, "Europe's biggest enemy is not the Muslim youth, but the racist separatist policies it implements."
Brussels European Research Institute (IES) European Cultural, Scientific, Innovative Diplomacy Administration UNESCO Chair of the Tribe Assoc. Dr. Naciye Selin Şenocak evaluated racist movements in Europe with the pressures on Islam and Muslims, interfering with France's latest Qur'anic verses and not asking for some verses, and evaluating the interventions desired to be made with Islamic hostility towards Islam.
In criticism of Turkey in Europe's human rights and religious freedom should take lessons from Turkey stressed Şenocak, "In the beginning most concrete example last week in Belgium, State Minister Saturn can give the ban the recommendation of iron in school," she said.
Şenocak said, "This terrorist organization, which is the sympathizer of the minister offering freedom in the name of freedom, detains young girls in the mountains and exposes them to all kinds of exploitation. Unfortunately wings discredit Turkey by Turkish names, segregating Muslims after those who take part in European politics when used in the impersonal, faceless shall perish from the political arena. The thing they forgot is that these people will never be exactly described as Belgian or German, but will live with the stamp of the betrayer of their nation."
That Europe is in a great social crisis and contradiction and that it is trying to assimilate by introducing prohibitions by separating human rights, freedom from the other side as 'the enemy in us' instead of respecting and integrating the traditions with the religious beliefs of the Muslim minority living in Europe Şenocak also evaluated the attempt to intervene in the Qur'an in France.
Şenocak said, "Europe's biggest enemy is not the Muslim youth, but the racist separatist policies it implements." Şenocak commented that these attacks were carried out on behalf of their own revenge, not on behalf of Islam. "These young people grew up with European values, but they have not been able to hold the gathering they have lived in, the young people who do not know Islamic concepts and religious teachings and do not know Islam."


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