Everybody declare their own state of emergency

Everybody declare their own state of emergency
Date: 24.3.2020 11:00

Yesterday, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made a call over coronavirus!

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The Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee completed its meeting, which started at noon yesterday, in the evening. Making a statement after the meeting, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca Minister Koca announced that 32 thousand new cadres will be appointed.
Koca said, “Let's not forget that the most reliable solution is to stay at home. Life fits in home. We will announce our recovering cases day after day. I want to state that our recovered cases are high.”
We brought an effective medicine from China
Highlights of Minister Koca's comments:
"The medicine, which gave a positive result from China, came this morning. It started to be applied to those who continue their treatment under intensive care conditions. In the Scientific Committee, we will put the issue of education on the agenda on Wednesday. (People who lost their lives) The group with advanced age and chronic disease. We will already share in the coming days, including the age range for all cases. We will announce our recovering cases day after day. I would like to point out that our healing cases are high. (Vaccine development studies against coronavirus) Called to 6 universities and 1 center. We will support all of them without going to the restriction."
300 thousand more kits are coming
"If we dominate the measures, we will not be another country. An additional 300,000 swift scan kits will arrive on Thursday and we have made connections to use up to 1 million swift scan kits."
We gained serious experience in the fight
"Turkey needs the masks produced in Turkey will not be sold while abroad. 50 thousand fast screening kits came from China in the morning and came into operation. (Respirator) We start mass production of the domestic device. I would like to express that the additional payments of our healthcare staff will be 100 percent in the 3-month period. We had a very serious experience in the fight. We anticipate the results faster."
Health Minister Koca spoke after the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Board meeting. Highlights from the speech of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca are as follows:
"I thank you on behalf of our healthcare professionals. The first case in our country was seen on March 10. Starting from the contact environment of our first patient, we made our principles strict. We follow the possibilities instead of following the events. Yesterday, I shared the following information with you, 20 thousand 345 tests were done, 236 cases were detected. We had lost 30 of our patients. We had a very serious experience in our struggle."


"I want to warn the elderly, we want to overcome this situation together. It is not only your children who are sensitive to you, but the whole society. We take precautions, leaving your home has been restricted for a while. We are progressing very differently from their counterparts in the world. There is also a fact that we can be proud of. Our solidarity has no other example in the world."


"We are working on improving the salaries of our healthcare professionals. We include 32 thousand personnel. We will pay a hundred percent of our healthcare professionals working in a 3-month period."


At a time when there was a pandemic, we know that there were firms trying to exploit, and raids were made in the warehouses of manufacturers and sellers. Intensive storage was seen. As of today, we started to make contracts by calling all companies one by one. So far we have agreed with 20 companies.


In the countries where the epidemic spread, one of the devices most felt was the respirator. We start the production of domestic breathing apparatus. 50 thousand rapid scanning kits came from China. So much more will come on Thursday. In this process, we support the virus as a ministry in vaccine development processes. Calls were made to 6 universities and one center. We will provide support in a way that will open them all according to the needs of these universities and centers.


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