Extradited Egyptian young man to Junta lost consciousness due to severe torture

Extradited Egyptian young man to Junta lost consciousness due to severe torture
Date: 8.3.2019 14:00

It was learned that Muhammad Abdelhafeez, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was extradited from Turkey to Egypt and couldn’t be heard since then, had lost his consciousness due to severe tortures.

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Abdelhafeez has lost his consciousness during the hearing in the courtroom according to eyewitnesses. They also added that his situation was clear that he was severely tortured and the reason he lost his consciousness was that he was hanged head-down for a long time.
It was learned that Muhammed Abdelhafeez, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who had been detained and extradited to Egypt at the time of the passport transactions at Atatürk Airport in Turkey and couldn’t be heard for more than a month, had been tortured and lost his consciousness.
Abdelhafeez reportedly was taken to the courtroom on Tuesday according to sources while he could not even recognize he is at the courtroom.
Sources added that Abdelhafeez, who was brought to trial, had lost his eyesight as a result of torture, and that he lost his mental faculties in such a way that he could not answer the questions of the judge and his psychology deteriorated.
According to Abdelhafeez's imprisoned friends, Abdelhafeez was subjected to heavy torture, hanged head-down for days and fainted as a result of long screams.
Muhammad Abdelhafeez, sent from Turkey to Egypt, was taken to court at the prosecutor's trial yesterday, said Egyptian activist Ali Cuma. "Relatives and lawyers participated in the trial said, 'It was obvious that Abdelhafeez was subjected to severe torture and lost his mental faculties.' So much so that, he was counting crimes right before the judge asked him and admits he committed all. "
Citing his friends in prions, Cuma said that Abdelhafeez had been subjected to severe torture since the day he was arrested, went on saying that he had been hanged head-down for hours, and fainted many times as a result of the screams he had made during the torture.
"It is clearly seen that Muhammad Abdelhafeez was systematically tortured in Egyptian dungeons," he said.
On the other hand, speaking at the private TV channel, Wala Tareq Mahmoud, the wife of Mohammad Abdelhafeez, said they went to Sudan 4 months later after they got married. "My husband graduated from the Agricultural Engineering department at Azhar University. His friends said he has more job opportunities in Somalia, so we crossed to Somalia from Sudan."
"There he opened a company called the fighting insect and disaster. I have not heard from him since the day he was captured (January 17). I was so frightened when I saw him so handcuffed," she said.
"My husband spoke to me through the phone said his passport was sealed and a policeman detained him, said it was a routine thing," said Vela Tarık Mahmud added that it was the last conversation she had with her husband.
Wala, who explained why Abdelhafeez had moved from Somalia to Istanbul, said: "I have a daughter who is more than one year old and there are still no documents about her identity or birth. Therefore, my husband went to Istanbul to ask for asylum."


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