Fahrettin Altun: “Fake identities dominate social media!”

Fahrettin Altun: “Fake identities dominate social media!”
Date: 25.11.2022 11:00

In his speech at the Digital Media Panel, Altun drew attention to the disinformation in social media and said that the recently legalized law protects freedom and personal rights.

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Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun, who attended the opening of the "Digital Media Panel" jointly organized by the Directorate of Communications and the International Media Information Association (UMED), made remarkable statements. Altun, against those who criticized the disinformation law, said, “Regulations in this area are a contribution to democracy, not an intervention to freedom. On the contrary, they are steps that protect and guarantee freedom, personal rights and public safety. We should state very clearly; There can be no freedom of lies, terrorist propaganda, hate speech, and systematic disinformation.” 
Emphasizing that new problems are being added to the problems related to media ethics today, he said, “There are many reasons for this. But if you ask me, the most important reason for this is; identity confusion and even lack of identity in digital media, new media, social media. In social environments, each of us exists with our identities, and we perform our social roles with these identities. Today, unfortunately, digital media, new media environments, lack of identity; in other words, fake identities rule.” 


Underlining that individuals and groups who consciously and deliberately poison social communication processes, use disinformation as a tool, Altun noted that they will not allow this: 
“Terrorist organizations and their supporters, who cannot cope with our security forces on the ground, are embracing perception operations aimed at our fight against terrorism through their social media accounts and publications. But thankfully, we're throwing all this away one by one. Just as our soldiers destroyed terrorist nests, the relevant institutions of our state are waging an effective fight against those who spread terrorism and make propaganda for a terrorist organization in virtual or digital environments. We do not and will not allow anyone to deceive and discredit our country and our citizens with false news,” he added.


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