Fake food supplement increased 3 times

Fake food supplement increased 3 times
Date: 9.9.2021 12:00

Due to the pandemic, while citizens' interest in food supplements increased, the opportunists thrown into that sector.

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The demand for food supplements has increased due to the effect of the pandemic. Pointing out that the number of fake food supplements has increased 3 times against the increasing demand, All Pharmacist Employers' Union (TEİS) Chairman Pharm. Nurten Saydan warned against drugs in the form of vitamin supplements and food supplements.
With the pandemic, citizens turned to vitamins and food supplements against the corona. Opportunists, who take advantage of the increasing demand for vitamins and food supplements, started to produce fake vitamins and food supplements, and pointed out that the production of fake products has increased 3 times. Nurten Saydan warned the citizens by saying, "Most of the products sold on the internet and social media are fake and these products, whose content is unknown, cause serious health problems in people."


Pointing out that taking supplements from the internet or social media can be risky, Saydan underlined that supplements should be taken from pharmacists, "Our pharmacists check the health information of citizens and recommend this type of supplementary vitamins by giving free consultancy service. The use of these products without the supervision of a physician and pharmacist can cause very serious health problems. Vitamins, which are not known under what conditions they are stored, are easily offered for sale in the markets where we shop every day," she said.


Reminding that every drug is the area of ​​expertise of pharmacists, Saydan stated that all drugs sold in pharmacies are inspected by the Ministry of Health, and that the drugs are in accordance with human health.
"We argue that such products should be licensed by the Ministry of Health and sold only from pharmacies. It is not possible for pharmacists, who are a profession that is legally assigned to protect human health, to perform this duty of another profession, place or medium. For this reason, it is now a necessity to protect public health to prevent the sale of these products, which are in the form of drugs, outside the pharmacy in order to protect human health by making legal regulations," Saydan added.


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