Family collapses, homosexuals are protected

Family collapses, homosexuals are protected
Date: 20.1.2020 11:00

The Istanbul Convention turned into a family breakdown contract.

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The moral breakdown caused by the Istanbul Convention, which has shaken our family structure and social order, is becoming a bigger problem day by day. 
On the other hand, the responses related to the contract, which dragged our country into a swamp with issues such as gender equality and a familyless society, are increasing day by day. 
We talked to the writer Sema Maraşlı about who served the Istanbul Convention, how they demolished the family, why its name was Istanbul and all the details.
The contract that was issued to protect gay rights has nothing to do with Istanbul. Only countries that have signed the first contract it says that the name of Turkey Istanbul Convention. But the contract was signed in Ankara. Determining the name of this immoral contract as Istanbul shows that it is a completely Byzantine game.
Mrs. Sema, why are you against the Istanbul Convention first?
"The Istanbul Convention is against both our religion, reason and science. A contract that declares one of the sexes innocent and victim, while the other declares as murderer and perverted. In this respect, there is no party to support the contract. The effects of the Istanbul Convention on our society are increasing day by day. There is no such contract that protects women to protect women."


What would you say about the imposition of the Istanbul Convention in our country?
Turks were also among those who prepared the 'Istanbul Convention'. Unfortunately, this is one of the wrong actions of our government ... Now this contract is imposed on the citizens in our country. Nearly 2 million men were expelled from home. The victims of the Istanbul Convention are many. In 2019, 550 thousand men were expelled from home, although none of them used physical violence. If the woman makes an application about this situation in the discussion between husband and wife, the man is thrown out of the house. Then, a public lawsuit is filed and the case is not closed even if the woman gives up the complaint. That's why thousands of nests have been destroyed. Very few people whose end of the contract does not touch. While this is the case, the losses of the Istanbul Convention are gradually increasing.
With the Istanbul Convention, the solution of domestic problems has become impossible. What would you like to say?
In a few European countries, such as Croatia, the Istanbul Convention was not accepted due to destroying the family structure. It is so clear that the convention targeted the family structure that the pro-violence against men and the innocent understanding of women are imposed. Turkey's Istanbul Convention has a structure that conflict with customs and traditions. They have very dangerous substances that use human emotion. Even if the woman regrets her complaints, situations such as fines, removal from the house and jail can occur when the law comes into play. But in our religion it is said that men and women should be reconciled.
There is a subject called gender equality in education in the Istanbul Convention. What is gender equality in education when gender equality is already a dangerous issue?
There is a very insidious game under the concept of 'gender' which is frequently emphasized in the Istanbul Convention. They mislead us all through equality. The concept of gender is first of all contrary to our religion and custom. With the concept of gender, which is frequently used in the convention, they say, "Man can be born as a woman or man, but society has a role for you. In other words, if they raise a man like a mother, that boy becomes a girl. They reject the nature and creation. Contrary to this science, science never accepts such a thing. Also, when they add equality to gender, it is said that the girl should not be raised like a girl or boy like a boy. Men want to have equality in everything, like using pink and wearing skirts. A similar practice has been tested in our Ministry of Education for a while. Dolls were distributed to boys and toy cars were distributed to girls. The ministry gave up this practice when there was a lot of reaction. With gender equality, the main purpose is to raise girls like boys and boys like girls. There is no equality in the business, the goal is to break the fit.


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