Father, son struggling with 'stone man' syndrome

Father, son struggling with stone man syndrome
Date: 28.5.2023 10:00

In Trabzon, Hamza and his son Mustafa Kabahasanoğlu continue to be bedridden due to the damage to the connective tissues from rare genetic diseases, which is also known as "stone man" syndrome among the people.

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In Trabzon, Hamza and his son Mustafa Kabahasanoğlu continue their lives dependent on the bed due to the damage to the connective tissues of "Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva", one of the rare genetic diseases also known as "stone man" syndrome among the people.
Hamza Kabahasanoğlu, the father of 4 children living in the district of Of, struggled with the "stone man" syndrome for many years.
Kabahasanoğlu, whose wife, his biggest supporter, passed away, could not leave the house due to the progression of his illness over the years.
Kabahasanoğlu, 70, who lost her daughter due to the same disease, became bedridden about 10 years ago.
His son, Mustafa Kabahasanoğlu, who lost his mobility due to the progression of the disease, has been bedridden for 2.5 years.
The needs of father and son, who share the same fate, are met by two caregivers.


Mustafa Kabahasanoğlu said that his disease, which was diagnosed in 2004, is very rare in the world.
Explaining that there are developments abroad regarding the treatment of the disease, Kabahasanoğlu, 41, said, "There is a team doing research abroad. Necessary research is being done there for the drug."
Kabahasanoğlu, noting that his disease is progressively progressing, continued as follows:
"After working as a civil servant for 12 years, I could not continue to work when my illness progressed. Due to my illness, I was at home, bound to the bed. We are looking for doctors to connect with those doing research abroad. In order to find these doctors, I ask our Minister of Health and our President to help us."
Emphasizing that he dreams of returning to his old healthy days, Kabahasanoğlu said, "I want to go back to my old healthy days and continue my business life. Hopefully, our treatment will end for the best, medicine will be found and we will return to our old health."
Kabahasanoğlu also expressed that they had a difficult time.
"Once in a while, our morale improves as our friends come. We feel depressed when we are alone. Since we can't go out, we stay indoors for 24 hours. We try to live like this, even if it is difficult. May Allah not give such diseases to anyone," he added.


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