Fatih Yılmaz: "Bye bye all of you!"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Bye bye all of you!"
Date: 15.2.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on Turkey's politics. Here is the full article.

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For the last 300 years, humanity has been getting worse. Justice leaves the place of injustice, goodness to evil, and beneficial to the harmful one. 
A self-centered individual understanding continues to grow stronger. 
People are forced to migrate from villages where vast lands, cold waters, fresh air and organic food are abundant, and to the big cities that turn into open prisons. 
There are more people that the migration of tribes that we know from the history lesson, sail to the other and unknown lands due to wars and terror actions.
In the struggle for superstition which will continue until the Day of Judgment, those who are the representatives of the superstitious have dealt with dominance. 
Muslims who have served as representatives of rights throughout history have been passive and inactive for three centuries. 
The more you move away from the spirit of jihad, you criticize the Prophet method, as long as the Islam development saw obstacle, we lost in the inferiority complex. 
Rather than adding new ones to our historic victories, as we speak instead of doing, we lost as we abandoned the real one and fell into imitation.
As we forget our spiritual consciousness, as we move away from the intellectual depth, we lose as long as we read less and never doing practiced. 
As we became ashamed of our Islam, as the admiration of the West grew, when we do our readings from our domestic books as we did our practices from superstitious books we lost.
The more we use it like a religious opium, as we were attracted to those who had only Islamic images and narratives, as we accepted everyone who used religious terminology from the good, we lost as we mixed the conscious Muslims and the Islamists. 
When we incarcerate the religious, as part of an individual prayer frame, as we forget that Islam is a perfect and enlightened way of life, we have lost as much as we get into the liberal worldview, crushed in the face of philosophers' thoughts. 
In fact, why the Islamic world lost, how to survive both historical documents, both in the principles of faith and in the field of application are clear.
Despite all this clarity reasons due to which the subject is still unable to get a result today possible to find answers from Turkey. 
Today, it is painful to be mentioned Muslims with the name of wrongfulness, injustice and incompetence.
In recent years, great opportunities and possibilities into the hands of Muslims in all areas of the test has not been given the right and even today everyone is seeing that a great disgrace has been revealed. 
This process, of course, it has also demonstrated that there is a distinction between Muslims and Islamists. Muslim is Muslim, Muslims is not conservatism, democracy, Islamist. What has happened to us already came from those who used it as a means of abuse against the religious nation and all those who give up all their faith in the face of a number of worlds.
Now we have entered an election period again. Those who do not keep their promises until today before every election and after the election, otherwise we should say bye bye to the other people. 
We should say bye bye to those who carry out smear campaigns with the opportunities they have, and who bring insult and slander to the profession.
We must say bye bye to those who put the brother in the brother, who ignore all those who are not his. We should say bye bye to those who favor the property of the state, to his spouses, friends and relatives, to those who prefer not to have merit, but to those who prefer obedience.
We should say bye bye to those who favor the property of the state, to his spouses, friends and relatives, to those who prefer not to have merit, but to those who prefer intimacy and obedience but not those who do not competent. 
Those who did not take a single step after the election, suggesting the same promises during each election period, those who cheat people with perceptions, in order to hide the truth, we should say bye bye to those who apply to the games. 
We should say bye bye to those who use the money of the country to their own interests, to the ones who have our fortune in the stone, in the concrete and in the betrayers of our archaic martyr. 
We must say to those who ignore the righteousness, the ones who count the power reason, the men who try to walk the road with threat, cheating, and those who specialize in deception, bye bye.  
We have to say bye bye to those who bring the brother to the brother, who ruins the family, and our ways of communication. Together, as a nation,  in front of the mismanagement and the managers we must say ”bye bye all of you”.


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