Fatih Yılmaz: "Discovery, confidence and development in education"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Discovery, confidence and development in education"
Date: 12.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on education. Here is the full article.

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Education begins in the family, that is, the foundations of education are laid in the family. The most important period of human life in terms of education is the pre-school period. This is just like in a building. You can evaluate a building by looking at the exterior of a building and visiting its rooms, but the main thing is the foundation. If the foundation is not solid, the shape, architecture, decoration, furniture and white goods on it have no meaning. The basis of education is also hidden in the invisible part.
It may not be very productive to have an expectation from educational institutions after a solid foundation has not been laid. An important part of human character is formed between the ages of 0-6. Although it is possible for some things to improve later on, this often does not happen. Especially in the modern world we live in, in this period when technology has reached a dizzying speed, protection and development are much more difficult. The new generation, which grows up under constant pressure, with various concerns and protectionist approaches, is quite unlucky compared to the generations living in the old times. It is now much more difficult than before to be born in a conscious family, to have a healthy environment, to make the right friendships, and to live in a socially and economically sufficient environment. In all these negativities, it is normal to be upset about the fault of our children, but alternative solutions can always be found.
One of the most necessary conditions for a child's development is an education designed with the right discovery, healthy methods and methods. One of the indispensable conditions for this is that the parents should be conscious. After that, a correct education system, teachers in love with their profession and adequate physical conditions come. A conscious family delivers their child to school ready. Teachers who are in love with their profession discover the gem in the child. The system and possibilities also fill the remaining gap in the child's development. Failure to explore the characteristics of children, each of which is a separate world, means losing them at the very beginning, handing them over to chance, and no success has come by chance. If it is going to be a success, if there will be generations that will shape the future, this is only possible if the necessary conditions are met.
What can children do without knowing what their parents are doing, in an environment where they see their work in front of their children and prefer working to their children's future? What can children do in an environment where the system is broken, changes with each manager, and progresses with the method of trial and error? What can children do in an environment where teachers live with a focus on salary, worry about overtime, watch the class deadline, look forward to holidays, and do not know what sacrifice is? What can students do in an education-teaching environment consisting of four walls, where educational tools are missing and damaged, and there are no social environments?
Instead of identifying the shortcomings of our children, each of whom is a separate gem, like a diamond, their merits should be discovered and what they can do should be reviewed. Each of our children should look at them as a value for our tomorrow. We should see them as the only guarantee of our future, and work with the understanding that without them, we have no future. It should be known that the real power, the noble power, the motor power of a nation is our children. Otherwise, we only go a little further back by constantly blaming others, detecting negativities, avoiding work, making literature, and ignoring it.
Discovering, revealing, valuing, caring, caring, cherishing, taking seriously, involving in the game, trusting, believing, showing that we believe will be enough to bring our children to their senses. Before the parents said, "I sent him/her to school, let the teachers take care of it", the teachers did not say, "How did your parents raise you?" You should make an effort with your question. If something is going to change and develop, be sure it will be thanks to the children we have raised.


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