Fatih Yılmaz: "Education, classification and upbringing"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Education, classification and upbringing"
Date: 16.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on education. Here is the full article.

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If there is anything that builds people, it is education. The construction of man goes through the understanding of classification and training. There is a definition of education as classification. This definition essentially means that every job must be sorted first. Sorting also means good planning. A scheduled program is a classified programme. Where do we start, how do we walk, where do we go, how do we arrive, and what will happen after we arrive? Here is the classification to answer these questions.
The word education is also used as discipline in our culture. To train is to acquire skills. It means educating and educating people, each of whom is a separate world, who is forgetful and inclined towards evil as well as good. The training of human will and habits leads to the transformation of a person into a useful individual by being educated. A materialistic understanding of education, devoid of a sense of classification and discipline, can easily lead to the raising of people who will trouble the world.
Sorting and finishing takes time, it is a process job. It is not right to expect a return from today to tomorrow. A dedicated teacher, what we call an educator, is essentially a sower, not a harvester. He does not surrender to the conditions, he does his job even in the worst times, because when the educators stop, life ends, it means that the lifeblood of that country is cut. A country breathes and goes on with its life as long as the teachers who have a case work. An educator who is in love with his profession has two important characteristics. One of them is goodwill and the other is to produce good and useful work. Education work is the work of understanding and problem solving. Classification facilitates understanding in education. Not only in the training program, but also in the system, the classification is an important part of the work.
If there is no expectation from the education system in our country today, one of the main reasons for this is the classification problem. It is not classified which students will go to which schools after completing primary school. Which students have which abilities are not classified. Which students will go to university and which will not be classified are not listed. Which students should be directed to professional life, which students should be directed to agriculture, which students should be directed to industry are not classified. Classification also requires willpower. If you leave an important issue such as education to preferences, you will not get any fruitful results. If you connect a subject that concerns people's life, future and therefore the future of the country to an exam, you will definitely not get a productive result.
In other words, classification and upbringing are issues that need to be addressed both individually, socially and systematically. Training is also a matter of patience, of waiting, of fighting against the speed of time. The main reason for our distress is the helplessness of individual struggle against the system. Our precious teachers, who see teaching as a cause, generally get tired in the face of the system that is constantly changing in unskilled hands, where every change is presented as development, and they keep up with this vicious order by surrendering, even though they do not want to. Perhaps the problem of classification and discipline in education is primarily a systemic issue. Although individuals create masses and systems, unfortunately, individuals are generally helpless in the face of systems and masses.
One of the most important ways to get out of the confusion in the world of education is classification. Classification in education will then lead to the formation of an order in all other fields. Sorting also means preventing possible confusions. Education is not only learning but also self-discovery, exploring the world and its contents, death and the aftermath. From this point of view, education also gains meaning. In summary, we need to know that; many lives and our future depend on the understanding of classification and decency in education.


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