Fatih Yılmaz: "I see dead people"

Fatih Yılmaz: "I see dead people"
Date: 19.5.2019 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on social media. Here is the full article.

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Billions of people that living silently and lonely in virtual world that created in this world and have artificial friendships, happiness, excitement and communication. The media that is supposed to be reality but not as reality. It is a world that starts at the headquarters of the houses, than becomes laptop and finally enters the pockets.
When people moved from the on-screen passive to the active world of the social-media, that’s when everything became completely different. Books, magazines, and newspapers were cast aside and the faces were buried in screens. Social media channels which bring face-to-face communication to the point of destroying, also dramatically reduced voice communication with WhatsApp. Congratulations, appreciations, thanks, celebrations, condolences all moved to social media. Quiet, written, formal and cold. Shopping, bill payments, bank account tracking, and municipal services have moved to the world of new communication technologies. Reality is leaving its place to the world of virtual things everyday.
Social media channels destroy us as irritable monsters in the sheep skin of popular culture. Actually, by making us think that we exist more than before. There are thousands of people in our Facebook account, hundreds of followers who like our shares, dozens of reviews, but I’m talking about a few people that we can call when we get in trouble. I mean, let’s get to know the biggest rival of reality that makes all the characters virtual. Let’s know the ones who want to create the world which is in the scenario of Hollywood movies in our minds. I say, let’s think a little bit about the the role model presentations of the social media world on perception management, mass psychology and especially the younger generation. On the minds that are exploited and tried to function.
Remember, no food is prepared by chance in gastronomy. If you have a portion of Iskender Doner in front of you, certainly the meat was already processed, the yoghurt prepared, butter and sauce poured on it. It is desirable to have a delicious meal, but if you have not had enough of your stomach after half an hour, then you must question the master, the restaurant, and the owner of the restaurant. This is the case in all other areas. 
So, as you use social media, have you ever thought about what happens when you download new applications and record all of your information? As the use of social media increases, depression, attention deficit, hyperactivity and narcissistic personality disorder is increasing. We are taking firm steps on the way of becoming a breathing, working but not producing society. A society that its face-to-face communication is completely over. Now, everyone must have a relative or acquitance who has isolated himself/herself from the society, and sometimes does not sleep till morning by wandering in social media channels and sleeps till nights. The masses that physically living but mentally “say that they are dead” types. People who consume at least one book reading time on timeline roads of social media accounts. They are now everywhere.  In buses, metros, streets, hospitals, school canteens and meeting rooms. Don’t you see it too? Heads are locked in front of 5.5 inch Full HD screens.  It seems to me that, I see dead people, maybe we are like them but we are not aware of it.


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