Fatih Yılmaz: "Knowledge and wisdom"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Knowledge and wisdom"
Date: 19.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on wisdom. Here is the full article.

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The love of learning and the passion to know a lot are different things. There are no worldly concerns in the love of learning, but the passion to know a lot is full of failures from top to bottom. The passion to know a lot means talking about every subject, writing, sharing, being known as a pedant, being popular, being praised constantly, enjoying egoism, talking too little and even not listening at all, looking down on everyone if possible. This discomfort is the enemy of wisdom, goodness and utility. People who have this passion have superficial knowledge. They cannot have a deep, fundamental knowledge to build new ideas upon. It wouldn't even cross their minds to be able to say "I don't know", even they see it as an inferiority.
The subtle difference between love and passion is like the difference between learning and understanding and knowing the wisdom of a subject versus having data and being equipped with statistical information. It is not humane to be equipped with the data obtained like a computer or the way the search engine works. What is human is to reach knowledge and the depth behind knowledge, that is, wisdom. It means having knowledge of things such as mathematical formulas, laws of physics, clicking links that appear with titles written on the internet, reading bestsellers, following and imitating popular people, pursuing the many, living life artificially and superficially, depriving the meaning of life. The main thing is not seen and known, it is reasoning with the information at hand, making comparisons, working our logic, diving deep.
When we say knowledge, science and technology, the first thing to consider should be benefit, not interest. In fact, when doing a job, the intention of the human is important. The biggest indicator of goodwill is doing things that are beneficial for others. The benefit is thinking of yourself, while the benefit is thinking of others. Finding out what is useful in knowledge is determined by the prayer of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). We pray, "O Allah, we take refuge in you from useless science". Use in knowledge occurs with wisdom. Wisdom allows us to understand that in terms of knowledge, it is for others regardless of belief, thought, language, religion, race. It is a social need for all sciences to be processed by taking into account the common benefit of humanity in order to establish a correct and just order. Otherwise, as in today's world, a wretched minority, who has most of the possibilities, succumbed to his soul and devil, and whose ambitions do not end, cause the vast majority of humanity to live in miserable misery. Far from thinking about children dying of hunger and thirst, they continue to work day and night in order to add wealth to their wealth that their seven dynasties cannot eat.
Whatever we encounter, know or do not know in the current world we live in has a meaning. The meaning of the material and spiritual created things is comprehended with wisdom. Wisdom is seeing the third dimension of matter, wisdom is seeing outside the frame, wisdom is being aware of what is hidden from us, wisdom is understanding the meaning in the material. It is our belief that brings us this depth understanding and view. The only way to reach the wisdom, which is the essence of knowledge that man cannot reach only with reason, is the belief of Islam. We see with our eyes what disasters a mind devoid of this belief has done today, we hear with our ears.
Those who reveal the injustice in the world of our age, those who do not care about people's tears in order to gain more, those who make a habit of shedding blood just for their own interests, of course, are the owners of the most important knowledge and technology, but they lack faith and wisdom. Since they are far from the belief of Islam that focuses on doing things for the benefit of all humanity, they are captives of superstitions that center their own interests, but there is a fact that they work hard. Let's consider the rest now.


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