Fatih Yılmaz: "Look, I'm saying something else"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Look, Im saying something else"
Date: 16.7.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on Turkey's election periods. Here is the full article.

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We are living a multiple-choice, somewhat democratic, secular, conservative and religious life. We call it multiple choice, but sometimes there are very few, and even at least the choices fall. Although they rarely come to any other alternative, they offer at least two options. Of course, the freedom of choice as a requirement of democracy is in our hands.
We want to send our child to kindergarten, they say you can choose from the following schools according to your address. Our children are already starting to have multiple-choices in primary school. The education system prepares our children for multiple choice until the university exam. This multi-choice story of freedom began to spread to every area of ​​life. One of the areas in which it is seen most prominently is the political sphere. We had passed little by little even to the multi-party era. We first started the multi-party period with the National Development Party which was established under the leadership of Nuri Demirağ on July 18, 1945. We call multi-party period was the establishment of a second party in Turkey. A year later separated from the CHP on 7 January 1946. MPs Celal Bayar, Adnan Menderes, Fuat Koprulu and Refik Koraltan founded Democratic Party and now Turkey really multiparty system was the period in history because the right to choose a third party was no longer with the folks as of this date it had.
In the following years, as the new political parties were established, the representation of the people in the parliament increased. It reached a certain consistency until the military coup of 12 September 1980. When the September 12 coup and the law numbered 2839 dated June 10, 1983, the parties entering the parliament was bound to exceed the 10% threshold, even after that date the multiple-choice had already lost its meaning. Because most of them offer you, but they did not give the right to choose. Even in the European Union countries where we sacrificed many values ​​for our sake, the average election threshold is between 0-5%. This antidemocratic practice within democracy continues today as of the present time. Nearly 37 years of freedom, democrat, believer, unbeliever or less believer who served in our country for nearly 37 years, none of them could not do the necessary work on this issue. In particular, I am talking about those who do not insist on taking the 10% threshold.
Course of business with our transition to a presidential system in Turkey came to a very different type of point. We continue our lives with a system that no one can come out of, and even those who put forward this system look at each other as “we are trying something but wait what happens?”. Now, let's come to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Election which is repeated in 2019. Why does it always come to the point of apple or pear? Something happened in those hot summer months with watermelon, cherry, peach! Why are even the candidates that we will choose are being offended in our eyes? Sir, don't call it strong alliances, parties in parliament. Alliances and parties did not compete, İmamoğlu and Yıldırım competed. Do we always have to choose from two, three, five?
Look, I'm saying something else. I say we ask, we question. I say push the imposed with the opposite of our hands and look around. After asking “what else is there?” I say, “what else more is there?” Sometimes I say, turn around, go around, ask others. I say, let us stop serving the strong, seek the right and the right, and support the fair and the competent. I say, let us stop serving the strong, seek the right and the right, and support the fair and the competent. I say the one who objects, works, strives, sheds sweat necessarily wins, thinker necessarily finds, reader, researcher learns, the runner necessarily arrives. I say everything would be nice if and only with the National Vision mentality.


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