Fatih Yılmaz: "Perception management"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Perception management"
Date: 25.8.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on perception management. Here is the full article.

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In general, perception management appears under 3 headings in the media. These are agenda bias, prioritization and framing. In the agenda setting studies, the ideological tendencies seen at the top of the hierarchy rankings of Shoemaker and Reese are expressed with the concept of “agenda bias”. In these studies, the subjects chosen by the media as news can be interpreted in favor of or against certain ideologies. This is also called media manipulation.
According to Iyengar and Kinder, the media ignores some problems, but draws our attention to some problems. Thus, the criteria we evaluate political parties, prime ministers and politicians are determined. As a problem arises, its weight in influencing political decisions increases. This attitude of the media is called prioritization.
Framing, on the other hand, is to select some dimensions of a problem and make it more visible in the text. For example, news frameworks define what the problem is from a particular point of view. Emphasizes who and what causes the problem, makes moral judgments and states how to solve the problem. In framing, the masses remain unaware of the part of the subject that is outside the frame.
Based on Cohen's remarks that the media determine what we think about, what or “on what subject,,“ what to think” in second-level agenda-setting research; a similar definition “how to think” in the direction of determining the presence of the effect is being investigated. In this way, the following hypothesis is tested:  The quality of a subject presented in the media determines the quality of that issue in the mind of the public. This is a complete proof of Kissenger's “real perceptions”.
Kissenger may say “ the real are perceptions”, but in fact, perceptions are only temporary lies. The truth sooner or later is revealed. When we look at history, it is seen that every event that is tried to be swallowed by people with perception management is one day the flour of the truth is small. Now the rate of the emergence of truth has increased tremendously. To give examples from our recent history, the lie of  the Taliban attacked the twin towers 11 on September 11, 2001, followed by the invasion of Afghanistan and the Irak Saddam has a weapon of mass destruction in the 2003 Iraqi intervention, started the “Arab Spring” in 2010 and the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011, which is involved in the massacre with the continuation of the Arab spring. Millions of Muslims were massacred, displaced from their homes, crippled, and orphaned, and all this was done through the perception of the global powers in the name of bringing democracy and freedom to Islamic lands. Today everyone is aware of the truth or at least many people.
Perception is something that must be managed with truth, reality must find itself in perception. Today, the Western world uses perception as a weapon of sociological mass destruction. If you cannot manage perception, you cannot save yourself from being one of the millions of people managed by perceptions. If we can't ask the right questions and get real information, then we are living a life of others. Those who rule the world with perceptions are also the most powerful countries in the world in science, industry and technology.
Perception targets the human mind world and meets reality as choices. We can target people's hearts and bring them together with the righteous. By inviting science, technology and wisdom to the Creator of Beauty.


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