Fatih Yılmaz: "Realizing the young generation"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Realizing the young generation"
Date: 23.7.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on youth. Here is the full article.

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Future means planning. It can be expressed as the equivalent of the part of the concept of time that needs to be planned and that needs to be studied. Planning the future is possible by reading the present time well, being aware of what is happening around us and knowing the past well. Knowing history means knowing not only our own world of culture and faith, but also all other worlds of culture and faith. The reading of the present should not be just our limits. Different geographies, climates, people, cultures, beliefs and ideologies must all be taken into account. Otherwise, all the plans we foresee for the future will be incomplete.
The future also means youth. It means raising young people who will build the future, perform all kinds of professions of the future. Knowing the history well, our future must be constructed with an understanding that dominates the world today. Expressing the mistakes made with a free perspective, whatever wrong was done, the reasons for all these should be well known, and deep, intellectual discussions should be made on solution suggestions. Without leaving the courage to say new things, when someone criticizes, "Who says what?" free will must find its place without any hesitation. To have historical knowledge is also to act without thinking that some personal or cultural decisions made in the past are intact.
When reading time, especially the psychology of the young generation and the sociology they are part of should be handled carefully. Since individuality has begun to dominate, rebellion to authority, lives in accordance with fast living standards, is addicted to technology, is self-centered, who has the desire to have authority, is known to be perceptually useless, but is actually equipped with the inconceivable work when the right methods, approaches and techniques are applied. we need to be aware. When we ask young people in the post modern world, we first have to find the right answer. Otherwise, our planning for the future will result in frustration.
Regardless of who says whatever, no matter how uncomfortable, he thinks the way he wants, as many girls as he wants, tomorrow will be handed over to the management of the young people we have today. Therefore, we are obliged to organize this planning process knowing that we have no alternative other than building the future with the youth we have. It should also be noted that the new generation that we are angry with today is the young people who grow up in our hands and go through the current education system. If something is to be reviewed, it will be more useful to consider our parents, teachers, administrators and education system first. We have said or not, we have not spoken or spoken, we have taught or did not teach, we have been interested or not, we have not contacted or addressed. Whatever happened, we did it, we raised it, we succeeded or failed. We relax when we say criticism freely, but when it comes to ourselves, we don't like it very much, but if something is going to be okay, we have to start from ourselves, right?


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