Fatih Yılmaz: "Show-off piety"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Show-off piety"
Date: 19.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on piety and showing-off. Here is the full article.

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We cannot escape responsibility by holding on to one side, talking about the parts that serve our purpose, ignoring the other parts or saying we don't know. That is, a part of Islam is not the whole. If you live a part of it as a whole, over time you will become a member of a newly invented religion. The thing that everyone takes the place that suits him/her, bends, twists and shapes, interprets and tells according to himself/herself cannot be Islam. Underlying all the unbelievable problems, unbelievable actions and blood-curdling behaviors we experience today, lies an unconscious, sloppy religious piety. You can at least understand this from the eyes that spin around while praying.
In fact, there are so many examples that the subject can be easily understood, for example, if a friend of yours comes to you and starts to talk, "this is how things are in this era", if someone else comes and presents the bribery, called bribery, as jihad money with fancy sentences, the name of favor, favour, nepotism. If he presents it as "O Muslims, help your relatives, spouses and friends", it means that there is a fundamental religious devotion. Wiping one quarter of the head while performing wudu, washing the arms up to the elbows, using the miswak, wearing a skullcap while performing prayers, and starting every work with basmala is a matter of life and death. On the other hand, it is quite normal to eat human rights, to commit adultery in places where no one has seen them, to close the fields that the nation does not know will be opened for construction cheaply, to eat orphan's property by using various titles. The name of all kinds of waste is the appearance of a Muslim. The name of all kinds of lies, plunder and robbery is the worship of jihad.
The plight of the devotees is obvious. There is no one who does not know or see this infamous painting. Now let's come to our main problem. How can those who do not have much connection with the Islamic faith, the new generation or non-Muslims, distinguish between the true religious and the show-off religious? How can they know who truly lives the true Islam? What kind of sociological problems do you think might arise, especially in an environment where ostentatious religious people are at the forefront? Today, our power and ostentatious religious people should not be the main cause of the epidemic of fear of Islam. Definitely not if you ask them, because they are the only defenders and best representatives of Islam. Even without them, Istanbul, Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem would fall, and the Islamic world would become smoke. Without them we wouldn't be, you wouldn't be, and without them we wouldn't be, we wouldn't have a future.
It is perhaps the most sacred duty of every citizen of the country living in these lands to fight this religious head with a show-off sauce. Especially those who say that I am a preacher, a soldier of my faith, must fight against them first and foremost. Because they are the very wall between Islam and humanity. Like an insurmountable, unshakable, indestructible wall, they stand shamelessly between the salvation of all humanity and humanity. When asked, they say, "We are standing upright like Elif, we will not collapse". If you are destroyed, all humanity will be saved. A crowd presents itself differently than it is, how does a crowd remain so alien to itself, does a crowd distance itself that much, does it not know itself that much. What kind of malignant mass is this, what kind of plague is this, what scourge is this. Let's end with this important prayer.
O Allah, protect Islam and Muslims from the evil of unconscious, ostentatious, self-interested, arrogant, shameless, arrogant, immoral, indecent, ostentatious religious people. O Allah, grant us to stand by the Truth knowing the Truth as the Truth, and to stand against the falsehood by knowing the false as false. O Allah, forgive us, make us one of your righteous servants who do the best works in your path until the last breath. Amin.


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